spore ceature creator

  citadel 15:21 22 Jun 2008

picked this up yesterday and it looks as though spore will be good.
In this you can only make the ceatures but you can use them when the full game comes out. after you make a creature you can test drive it. they can do acrobatics and dance and various actions and sounds. they made me laugh when I created a baby and it copied all the actions of the father.

  mrwoowoo 19:03 22 Jun 2008

Always hated god sim type gamessuch as Black and white etc.
This looks more fun though,so i thought in for a penny(or 5)in for a pound.
Created something(not sure what) and babies and had a play.Yes it's a good bit of fun.Will i buy it?Not sure until i have more of a play around.
It made me smile too making them dance together.(O:!
Here's my first effort.

click here

  gazzaho 02:13 23 Jun 2008

I have a question for you mrwoowoo, did you say you paid for it? I downloaded the creator from their website free of charge, all it did was let me mess with the creation tools and watch my creation dance an stuff, there was nothing else other than that, how come you paid for, it seems, the same piece of software? I'm not being sarcastic I'm just wondering.

  mrwoowoo 17:24 23 Jun 2008

No probs.
On the homepage under the free download it says
'spore creature creator available now' which takes you to the buy option by download or disc.
Free version has 25% of the body parts of the paid for version.
You are right though(basically the same software as in you get to see what you can create)
click here

  mrwoowoo 17:31 23 Jun 2008

Sorry didn't read your post properly.
Basically i thought as it was just a fiver so why not?
Something for my lad to mess around on as well.
Is it worth a fiver over the free demo? hmmm, depends how involved you want to get and if you are going to buy the full game when it comes out as you can use your creations in it.
If you are into that sort of thing...yes it is
If you are just curious...... No i suppose not.

  gazzaho 17:52 23 Jun 2008

I do intend to buy the full game when it's released in September I think. But from what I've read the game starts out right down at single cell organisms, and you work your way up to intelligent multi cell life, then onto conquer worlds, perhaps I'm out of date as it was quite a while ago I read about it and it might have changed in size and scope since then. But if that's the case I would prefer to start from the beginning so to speak rather than jump in in the middle.

I see your point about the 25% I never realised there was a difference when I downloaded it, as you say it's something for your son to play with until it's released. But the free demo was enough for me to get an impression.

  citadel 19:49 23 Jun 2008

I got my copy as a retail box from game £4-99 but this is deducted from the price when buy the full game and hand in the receipt.

  mrwoowoo 22:37 23 Jun 2008

Now that's a good deal.
Good marketing too.

  mrwoowoo 21:45 28 Jun 2008

Oh dear it didn't take long for people to upload their rude creations to youtube.
Complete with large male members.Rather obvious and childish.
Ok...they made me laugh.(O:!
And no,i'm not providing a link.

  citadel 19:09 28 Aug 2008

first review of the full game from pcgamer mag, it scored 91% is beautiful, hilarious, annoyingly adorable.
it's not easy enough on easy, hard enough on hard, normal.

  Marko797 15:00 05 Sep 2008

I much preferred your desktop featurng Tomb Raider :). The Deus Ex one was almost as good.

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