Soul Calibur

  antony.dandrea 18:42 25 Jul 2008

Does anyone know where i can get a free online copy of the soul calibur 1 game manual for the dreamcast.


  Inept Pig 09:18 26 Jul 2008

click here

Just in case that link doesn't work properly, this site - Replacement Docs (click here) has a whole host of games manuals from a variety of systems.

  antony.dandrea 09:34 26 Jul 2008


But Soul Calibur wasnt there.

  Inept Pig 09:57 26 Jul 2008

The first link that I gave goes to the Dreamcast Soul Calibur manual?

You just need to click to download it? Works for me

  antony.dandrea 18:33 26 Jul 2008

Soz i didnt try the first one.

Thank you much appreciated.

  kalignorgna 11:42 26 Aug 2008

dreamcast is soul calibur 2, don't think the dreamcast was out when the original soul calibur was out

  wolfie3000 14:48 26 Aug 2008

The original was called Soul Edge and was the only one in the series i played,

I loved the game and still have it with my original PSX, i should really dust it off and have a blast. :)

Heres the intro of the game for those who played the true original.

click here

  GRIDD 00:13 28 Aug 2008

wolfie I was always a Tekken fan and I am lookin forward to Tek 6.

  mrwoowoo 00:27 28 Aug 2008

Tekken on the ps1,now you're talking.
Myself and my mate almost got adicted to it.

  theDarkness 02:39 04 Sep 2008

the first couple of tekken games were the best-and far less button bashing and sheer luck than soul caliber :) was still a good arcade/dreamcast game though. Id give it another go if my dc didnt have the constant reset bug! Lol

  GRIDD 15:38 04 Sep 2008

I'm bored with Soul C 4, roll on the next Tekken.

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