Son wants a PC to play games on..I know nothing!

  WatsonClan 21:12 09 Sep 2017

Hello all! I've turned to this forum to ask for help, hope that's ok? My son wants a laptop for his birthday, primarily for playing games. He's interested in games like 'Hello Neighbour', 'Terraria', 'Roblox', 'Minecraft', 'Five Nights at Freddys' and 'Bendy and the ink machine'. He's only 9, so he doesn't need anything fantastic, but something that will cope! Does anyone have any ideas? Also, once I've got it, how do I go about getting the above games? In my day I'd buy a disc and put it in the drive (!) But now, do I download them? Thank you for taking the time to read and sorry for not understanding the computer world very well! Many thanks :o)

  rdave13 00:32 10 Sep 2017

I've hunted high and low for something that would play these types of games for a reasonable price. I'm quite surprised at how laptop prices have shot up recently. This is my favourite right now, click here , but hunt around if you can find similar specs (or better) for a cheaper price.

As for your games - try creating an account on Steam. Note some can be played via a browser if flash player is enabled.

Minecraft here

  WatsonClan 07:43 10 Sep 2017

Thank you so much for your help :o)

  Forum Editor 11:50 10 Sep 2017

I have moved your thread to the Games forum from Tech Helproom.

  Forum Editor 11:54 10 Sep 2017

"He's only 9, so he doesn't need anything fantastic, but something that will cope!"

If my experience of nine-year-old gamers is anything to go by, he'll very rapidly need something a little better than a basic 'coping' machine. It might be worth remembering that when you make your buying decision.

  WatsonClan 13:09 10 Sep 2017

Ok, thank you. I've actually been looking at some refurbished second hand ones. Is there any spec jargon that I need to be looking out for that's important?

  Forum Editor 13:23 10 Sep 2017

Spec jargon?

There's plenty of it, but there are some simple rules...

  1. Right at the head of the list is the graphics processor - the better that is, the better the gaming experience will be.

  2. Processor - it should be Intel, and an i5 or i7. Intel processors out-perform those from AMD

  3. RAM - you need an absolute minimum of 8Gb.

  4. Display - don't go for anything less than 1080p

  5. hard drive capacity - don't go for anything less than 500Gb - a modern game can easily take up 30Gb, and some of the bigger games need double that.

  6. hard drive type. If you can afford it, go for a Solid State Drive (SSD). Don't worry if you can't, that could always come later for a birthday or Christmas present.

  wee eddie 18:48 10 Sep 2017

You cannot say Laptop, Games & inexpensive in the same breath.

  Menzie 20:45 10 Sep 2017

Something like the one in the link I've posted is a good place to start.

It has a recent gen video card so will be supported longer with driver improvements. The price isn't bad as well for a starter gaming laptop.

For current laptop graphics with Nvidia:

1040M - Not great for gaming.

1050M - Can play lower end games maxed and higher end games in medium - high settings at 1080p.

1060M - Can play most games high or ultra at 1080p.

1070 - Will play most things on ultra with decent framerate but feature in more pricey units.

1080 - Will play at 1080p easily and beyond with great settings. However very expensive as it will be paired with a high end CPU.

click here

  WatsonClan 04:52 11 Sep 2017

Thank you

  George262 09:04 12 Sep 2017

I've buy Macbook Pro for my son for him to learn, entertain and playing games. It works very well

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