Small Window

  tullie 15:58 15 Sep 2008

Just had a phone call from son.When he installs a game it only opens in small window,he says about maybe 4x4"any ideas anyone?

  mrwoowoo 19:11 15 Sep 2008

May help if we know what game and operating system as well as graphics card.
That aside,if his card is up to it he should be able to go into either options ," settings" or "system" , on the menu screen and in the graphics option it should have an option for "full screen",which you should check that it says yes.

  tullie 14:10 16 Sep 2008

Thanks for reply,sorry dident get details but only small games,not just one,will try your suggestions.

  tullie 15:04 18 Sep 2008

Havent solved the problem yet.Its a very old laptop,consequently everything else is old in it.The games played are only small ie those found on Reflexive Arcade.Unless anyone else has any thoughts,will give up.

  tullie 15:05 18 Sep 2008

Sorry forgot,its running XP,have no other details.

  kalignorgna 15:44 18 Sep 2008

get your sun to download SIW and run it then ask him to clck in order:
1: motherboard quote model
2:cpu Info quote cpu full name
3:memory quote capacity
4: video quote display adapter
this should give use enouth info to work with

  tullie 16:24 18 Sep 2008

Good idea but at the moment he is not online,will try and get details

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