Should I upgrade from a 980 to a 1070?

  Gavin Horne 20:45 21 Sep 2016

Hi guys,

I would appreciate some advice on whether I should upgrade my graphics card or whether it would be a negligible difference and so to wait.

A little over ten months ago I bought a Gigabyte 4gb GTX 980 as it was on offer at the time, not from Amazon but here is the card - (click here I had upgraded from a 770 and I have to say that the card has performed very well for me, with very few issues.

I am in a position at the moment where I do have some extra funds available, and have seen an MSI 1070 Armour on Amazon at an affordable price (click here and cheaper than a 980 Ti.

Up until now I hadn't even remotely considered the idea of upgrading so soon, but I have recently started playing a heavily modded game of Fallout 4 and approx 48 hours into the game I am starting to see graphical glitches and ghosting. It is hard for me to know for sure whether this is a limitation on the card, a conflicting mod issue or simply a flaw in the game's programming, though I had previously played Fallout 4 unmodded for approx 400 hours earlier this year and hadn't seen this particular issue.

The textures seem to bleed into one and other occasionally, and as you walk forward it "paints" them where they shouldn't be. I have found that standing still and looking away and back tends to rectify the issue, but it is still frustrating whilst playing as it most definitely breaks immersion. I am inclined to believe that I have over-modded the game in as far as adding new textures (posters and walls mainly) and that the card may be struggling to keep up, but as I said before I am not sure either way and that really is just my own personal guess.

So really, what it boils down to is this... Should I upgrade my 980 to a 1070, or should I wait? I have looked on amazon and on ebay and I believe I could get approx £250 back if I sold on my 980, which would mean the new card would only cost around £110 after the sale of my old one. This obviously sounds like a bargain to me, but if the upgrade is not really worth it then I would rather not go through the trouble of doing so.

I would appreciate any advice that you could give to me, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

The rest of my PC specs for reference are:- AMD FX 8350 32gb Corsair Vengeance Memory Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 4Gb Sabretooth 990fx

  Old Deuteronomy 22:42 21 Sep 2016

What screen resolution are you playing at?

  Devil Fish 23:00 21 Sep 2016

depends whether you want approx 10% gain at top dollar or you can hang on until prices stabilize a bit. Btw i wouldn't pay £250 for a 2nd hand GTX 980 not when you can get a GTX1060 that will match it for £230 brand new

  Old Deuteronomy 20:31 22 Sep 2016

Another new user asking for help that won't answer a simple question, so we can better help him/her.

  OCTCORE 21:52 22 Sep 2016

I suppose if the games you were playing before are all playing well, then indeed this new game maybe testing the limits of you current card, do the render issues go away with a lower resolution ?

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