Should I upgrade?

  donki 01:14 12 Nov 2008

Hi guys,

I jusr bought COD5 and thought I would have to upgrade, I have a 4200 x2, 2 gig ram and a 8800gts 640. The game runs great on my 22" with all setting on high. I was contemplating a new motherboard bundle, maybe a core 2 duo. To be honest I have kinda fell behind on my hardware knowledge on both CPU and GPU. Do i need to upgrade or will i not really notice any great difference. I have had my pc nearly 3 years and just thought maybe I was due change. Thanks for any advise.

  Si_L 02:53 12 Nov 2008

I think the answer is in your statement, "The game runs great on my 22" with all setting on high."

If it works great, why change it?

  donki 09:24 12 Nov 2008

Yeah I guess you are right but what about games like fallout? Is it more demanding? Is it just me or are game developers finding it hard to get the most out of high end machines?

  Si_L 16:22 12 Nov 2008

Have you tried Fallout? It looks demanding but you never know till you try the demo or something. I tend to upgrade when I can clearly see that the components aren't up to the challenge, but if things are running smoothly I wouldn't bother. Some people like to upgrade for the sake of it, and thats fine if you like to keep it 'top of the range' and you have the funds to do it, but personally I wouldn't bother. All my games play great, even demanding ones like Bioshock and COD4 on a 8600 GT, so thats what I'm sticking with for now!

  mrwoowoo 16:29 12 Nov 2008

Si_L is spot on.
When my games will only run at med to low settings,then's the time to think about upgrading.
If you already have them running at high settings and a smooth framerate what difference do you expect to see by upgrading?

  citadel 18:26 12 Nov 2008

fallout 3 will run ok, far cry 2 also ok. only when you find frame rates causing stutters that spoil your enjoyment should you upgrade.

  Coltch 08:37 21 Nov 2008

I'm still using my X2 3800, 2 Gig ram and a HD4850 the only game that punishes it is Crysis (DX10 mode).

The only thing I've replaced in the last year was my 2900XT, if some of the newer games coming out start to really push my system to its limits then I might consider a mobo/cpu/ram upgrade.

  donki 18:56 21 Nov 2008

Thanks guys I bought Fallout today, no prefomance issues at all, thanks for the advice. Has hardware advanced to the extent that gaming companies can't take full use of it all?

  citadel 19:09 21 Nov 2008

most people have a mid range gaming pc, games makers know this and programme accordingly, they can add things like ultra high settings for the top pc's.

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