Should I get an X box-X or PC?

  bhubbard92 03:13 12 Jun 2017

Hello everyone, I would like some help answering this question.

I will be getting either the newly announced X Box X which is 500$ or, a $1,300 PC with a monitor included in the price.

My question is what's the better idea here. I like X box games and haven't owned one since the 360. On the other hand I am a Starcraft player and pc gamer as well.

Can I build something for around $1,200 that can destroy the X Box X? If the specs would match up closely, I would probably lean towards an X box and save the cash and use my old laptop to play starcraft on.

Any thoughts? Thanks for the help in advance.


  MLA2000 23:18 12 Jun 2017

Building a PC can give you a much better experience, especially if you pick balanced components.

Essentially, the three parts which will be the most important for speed are a solid state drive (SSD), your CPU and GPU.

Linustechtips have a good guide for assembling a machine at the $1000 price point, but you can use to create your own part list, on which it will automatically check for compatibility problems and compare prices. If you want to save even more money, you can chose an AMD Ryzen 5 1500x cpu and an AM4 motherboard.

  Menzie 02:40 15 Jun 2017

Judging by the last paragraph eye candy is what you're ultimately after. With that it would have to be the PC.

I enjoy both console and PC gaming and for me one of the biggest things on the console is the ability to trade old games towards new ones.

Refunds can be done on Steam and Xbox Live now.

Microsoft are releasing a lot of their games on the PC so only the odd Xbox game won't make it over.

I currently have a PS4 and X-Box One S for the exclusives. I usually get PC games when great deals are on and there are lots of freebies if you look around.

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