the shop called Game

  harps1h 19:03 02 Aug 2008

where is the oddest place you have this chain store called "game". to start this off I found one in Peregeux in the dordogne region in France this summer.

  dagbladet 11:11 03 Aug 2008

Why is that odd?

  harps1h 11:19 03 Aug 2008

well for a start i didn't expect to see a "game" store in France, with the same layout as their uk counterparts in a small town in south west France.
secondly this is a thread for people who have found this chain store in unusual places and not people with little manners!! so please stop being so pedantic.

  User2008 11:51 03 Aug 2008

Well to be pedantic, you are being exactly as you describe dagbladet to be!

I do not find it odd (perhaps it is just you?) that a branch of a multi-national company may be found in France. It is quite likely there are as many in France as anywhere else as the company has over 800 stores in Europe.

  harps1h 12:07 03 Aug 2008

well clearly i was not aware of this fact otherwise i woould not have started what seems to be a rather pointless thread.

  dagbladet 12:42 03 Aug 2008

Little manners? Pedantic?

What on earth brought that on?

I genuinely enquired as to what was so odd about a 'Game' shop in France.

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  User2008 22:04 03 Aug 2008

GAME Sweden click here

GAME Spain click here+

Not only do they trade under that name but the Company owns several other chains in places as far as Australia!

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  Colin 13:16 04 Aug 2008

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This is a chain store in South Africa. It is nothing to do with GAME in the UK.

  Si_L 16:53 04 Aug 2008

In the town next to mine, there are two stores with about 50 metres separating them.

Handy when you want a pre-owned game. If its not in one then its usually in the other.

  harps1h 00:25 05 Aug 2008

where do you live?

  Colin 12:41 05 Aug 2008

The Potteries Shopping Centre in Stoke on Trent has 2 branches of GAME - one different floors. One used to be Electronics Boutique.

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