Shooting game or F1

  The Brigadier 12:28 12 Jun 2008

After either a shooting game or F1 driving game.
Dont want lots of things locked until i reach a certain level etc! Got to be easy & fun for a beginner.

  Si_L 13:33 12 Jun 2008

Which console? You would be surprised how much games differ between platforms.

  crosstrainer 14:43 12 Jun 2008

For your PC? If so, you can download demos of current games from the software vendor's sites, and I will post a few links in a moment.

I'm not well up on driving games, the last one I played was Grand Prix 4 but IMO, you do have to have a proper driving wheel and pedals to play them properly. I have a set in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust. So I think you might be frustrated and a tad disappointed with them.

First person shooters however, are easy to play with a keyboard and mouse, and will now post a few links to demo versions of a few of my recent favorites:

click here


click here

click here

These will allow you to try before you spend £££ on a game you don't like.

  crosstrainer 14:45 12 Jun 2008

Should have mentioned that Crysis and FEAR do require a pretty high spec machine to play properly.

  RickyC :-) 14:55 12 Jun 2008

Excellent FPS for Windows, Mac and Linux... click here for the download. It's free, and online or single-user.



  Totally-braindead 21:08 12 Jun 2008

Doom, old but still fun.

  Acx 21:55 12 Jun 2008

is about as easy as FPS's get, if you haven't played it yet.
click here

But be aware

Halo CE:- Windows 98 / NT / Me / XP /
Halo 2:- Windows Vista (Only)

  wolfie3000 23:08 12 Jun 2008

There are a few Free games that fit the bill here,

Racing Games,
click here

click here

click here

FPS games,
click here

click here

click here

Hope this helps.

  darkreign 10:45 14 Jun 2008

Must say that i've recently got into FPS games(thanks to the wii) and am now looking for better ones. Having bought the wii and RE4 (the only game ever i've spent so much time on) i'm now a little disgruntled because of the lack of decen't fps games. Now eagarly awaiting Alone in the Dark.

Bought Far Cry for the pc but it keeps freezing, so got it on the wii, and yep it's simple but i enjoy it.

Will check out the free demos for the pc.


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