sharing saved video battle

  podlod 10:05 18 Dec 2011

Hi, i have saved a video of a battle in the Napoleon total War game, and i want to know if I can send the video to a member of my family so he can watch me actually play the battle i saved ? thank you.

  KRONOS the First 10:35 18 Dec 2011

You can send it to anyone you want.In the past I have used this program: Pando. But there are plenty of other ways. Just Google "send video file" or of course you could upload it to YouTube and then email them the link.

  podlod 10:30 19 Dec 2011

Hi chronus, thanks for the info but now I have trouble finding the video? I have looked in programs under steam in the app cache and steam apps folders but nothing is there, any ideas where to go?

  KRONOS the First 10:58 19 Dec 2011

I have no idea, I would have thought that this was a question that perhaps you should have asked before. As I do not have the game and in fact have never done a video capture on any game I have played I am struggling to answer you.

But the little bit of research I have done suggests I would use this program. Fraps. This means that I would know exactly where any screen-shot or video capture was stored before embarking on same.

You mention SteamApps, this is where I would have looked but I am sure the game must tell you where the default storage folder is.

It might be a bit of a pain but you could install the above then re-fight and recapture your battle but this time you will at least know where it is.

  podlod 11:33 20 Dec 2011

Hi chronus, thanks for your help but still unable to find my saved games, and I cannot afford to pay out for Fraps, maybe there is a free software on the internet? As i am unable to find my saved games, how do I set up a default folder on my PC so that they can automatically be sent there?

  KRONOS the First 13:01 20 Dec 2011

Fraps is free, but there is a paid for version.

Alternatives to Fraps: Video Capture.

As for your last question as I do not play Napoleon total War I could not answer but here is a good place to find out.Forum.

  podlod 19:39 20 Dec 2011

Hi, I have taken your advice and went to forums, then downloaded a free software called >Foxtab Media Player open file < ?

  KRONOS the First 05:53 21 Dec 2011

Forgive me if I seem a bit thick but I thought you were looking for abit of software that not only will record videos of your game battles but put them somewhere that you could easily find. This program you have installed, Foxtab is only a player so you still need to record and find your recordings. Or am I missing something? I suggested Fraps because of its simplicity and it's free and it will also tell your frame rate which is useful if your game seems to be running a bit slow. But no doubt you got the advice you needed from the forum I suggested. Glad your problem is sorted though.

  podlod 06:24 21 Dec 2011

Hi Chronus, its not you that's thick..., it`s me!I did want what you suggested in the first place, but somebody on the forums mentioned Foxtab which I thought in turn is what was needed, but obviously I am wrong, I will now try Fraps and let you know how I have managed with the software. Thanks again.

  podlod 09:44 22 Dec 2011

Hi Chronus, I have downloaded the free Fraps software, and although it works a treat I have found that the memory used runs into gb`s memory and I think it would take some time to email, although it is good I must admit. I am still trying to find where my saved games would be if I did not have Fraps?

  Inept Pig 11:42 22 Dec 2011

Hi Podlod,

Your saved games should be stored (you may have to enable show hidden files/folders in folder options)

C:\Users*Username\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly*game title\save_games

Or somewhere similar; at least that's where I can find mine! On XP, it should be something like:

C:\Documents and Settings*Username\Application Data\The Creative Assembly*game title\save_games

As for shrinking files produced by FRAPS, this is covered by the FAQ on their site:

The filesize is big because there isnt enough time to encode the movie while the game is running. The movie frames are slightly compressed, but still require a large amount of disk space due to the high resolutions. After you have finished capturing you can convert the clips into a compressed format using a video editing program. Probably the easiest one to use is Windows Movie Maker which is included free as part of Windows Live Essentials. It allows you to easily edit your clips and add text and other effects to your film. The end result will also be compressed into the Windows Media Video (WMV) format which can be played back in most media players.

Hope this helps.

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