Server DNS address could not be found

  Mizithra 20:25 22 Jan 2017

Whenever I try to access anything with the internet I get this error "_ server DNS address could not be found". Often times it lasts for roughly five seconds then the page loads up. If I'm accessing something like Facebook or YouTube, pictures or thumbnails are usually replaced with a broken image thumbnail. In addition to my browser not responding/being slow, any games I try to play result in similar errors. They're all unable to connect to server (Blizzard games, Steam powered games, H1Z1). I'm using a desktop through wired connection. The router is only a few months old, and it runs very well. The wifi seems to be working perfectly for all devices, including a laptop. I have flushed my DNS, cleared files in my system32/drivers/etc file, tried changing preferred DNS servers to google servers through IPv4, ran a debug/AV program and restarted computer multiple times, cleared internet cookies and cache, modified startup programs, and a couple other things I'm sure. This problem persists with every internet program I have installed, Chrome being my main used.

  Forum Editor 09:38 23 Jan 2017

"I'm using a desktop through wired connection."

The very first thing to try when you get this problem is to change the computer's Ethernet cable connector to a different port on the back of your router.

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