Selling a i7-6700HQ Laptop Motherboard/Processor?

  Elliott Laverick 22:53 08 Jan 2018

I bought a Proteus III 17.3" custom laptop and it's a beast with a i7-6700HQ processor and a gtx 980m, 480GB SSD and 16GB of memory. But now I want a desktop pc and want to sell the laptop. Im going to sell the parts rather than the whole laptop because things such as the battery, left click and right fan can be very faulty, obviously I dont want to scam someone into buying a second hand laptop that will break on them. My question is, can I sell the motherboard/processor for my laptop and is it something people will buy? I know I can sell all the other parts for a quite a bit but the processor and motherboard is what really holds the big bucks. I think the processor is worth around 400 GBP. I just need some advice on selling that part reallllyyyyy badly.

  alanrwood 10:44 10 Jan 2018

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