Sega Rally for Computer running Win7

  Border View 16:51 30 Jul 2011

I have a games computer running Win7 (8mg RAM; 1Gb Nvidia graffics card, large HDD)

On my very first computer back in 2000 it came with Sega Rally. That computer is long gone but I would love to play Sega Rally again. Is there such a thing as this software which will run on Win7 and if so where can I get it please?

  mrwoowoo 22:05 30 Jul 2011

There are a few here, but you may need to run it in compatibility mode. Either way , it should run on Windows 7.

Sega rally pc

  Menzie 22:15 01 Aug 2011

I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit and on my computer Sega Rally didn't run the way it was supposed to. It seemed to have a battle with my computer over the speed it should run at.

It kept alternating between normal speed and turbo-insane-too-fast to react speed. I didn't have any luck getting it to work and a quick Google didn't clear up anything.

In the end I gave up the ghost and fired up the old Saturn for my fix. What version of Windows 7 are you running as the ultimate edition is supposed to have more features for compatibility than the one I have?

  Border View 08:47 02 Aug 2011

Hi its W7 Home premium 64bit. Didn't even try to load the software.

Just wondered if there was a version designed for W7.

Thanks for responding.

  Colin 12:22 02 Aug 2011

I don't think there is a version designed for W7. If it helps, I play Colin McRae Rally 2 which came out in 1999 on my W7 64bit PC with no problems. It still looks good to me!

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