Seeking a reliable and trustworthy games download website!

  spuds 12:27 24 Aug 2014

On occasions I like to use and play fairly average family type games, like solitare, checkers, spider, nothing to dramatic, but something just to keep the mind ticking over.

Having looked on the internet for some downloads, prefarably free to download and use, I tend to find that I am perhaps directed to some possible 'suspect' websites.

Can you suggest a trustworthy website or two, that provides a fair range of game selections, so that I can choose an additional game or so, to perhaps kill a little boredom at times ?.

  bumpkin 13:17 24 Aug 2014

Google Yahoo Games and see if there is anything there you fancy.

  spuds 13:46 24 Aug 2014

I have already done that, and found that I might have been directed to some dubious websites.

Hence question for personal experiences of fellow PCA gaming members.

  bumpkin 15:27 24 Aug 2014

Hence question for personal experiences of fellow PCA gaming members

I have used it in the past and found it safe enough, if you are unhappy with it then OK I was just trying to help.

  spuds 18:13 24 Aug 2014

I'll give this post a bump to see if the gamer tea-time shift have arrived home :O)

  Menzie 12:11 25 Aug 2014

If you happen to be running Windows 8 there is a games section on the Microsoft App store, many of which are free.

Apart from that not much else I can think of since I use paid services like Steam or GOG. They occasionally offer free games but there is no regularity and the titles can be anything from games like Peggle to a shooter.

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