SecuROM has ended my PC gaming... Perhaps forever.

  gazzaho 00:56 31 Dec 2008


I just thought I'd post and say that this over zealous piece of software has ended, perhaps forever, gaming on my PC.

I recently purchased a new high end computer with Vista installed after being away from the PC gaming scene for a few years, I've bought, played and enjoyed a few games like Crysis and Spore with no problems. However on buying Ascaron's Sacred 2 everything changed, a few bugs with this game caused me endless problems and I had to revert to a system restore to return my system to a stable state. This left the game unplayable as it restored to a point before the game installation, on deleting and re-installing the game I now find it will not work at all and to make things worse Crysis: Warhead will no longer work either, both giving the same error message.

"A required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed (9000)"

At the moment of writing the only response I've had from SecuROM is to install the latest patches for both games, no patch exists for Warhead as far as I know, but I did install the 1.2 patch for Crysis and Warhead still gave the same message. The Sacred 2 game patch can't even find the game folder to install itself, even though I can readily navigate to it in the program folder. The funny thing is I can play Far Cry 2 with no problems at all which is also protected in the same way, so it is without doubt SecuROM that is at fault and not some piece of "insidious pirate software" installed on my system!

As far as I'm concerned this SecuROM software, from I hasten to add, a company (SONY) who I believe a few years ago introduced a "root kit" stealthily onto unsuspecting gamers systems is the best excuse yet "FOR" pirating games! Please don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning piracy in any shape or form, any games I have on PC and console are paid for, but if a game I spend my money on will not work because this piece of software decides that I'm breaking some sort of unknown, to me, rule or for that matter having software on my system that it decides is malicious, would it be wrong for me to consider acquiring a "hacked" copy from dubious sources in order to play it? As I've tried to do the right thing and been screwed over for my honesty, I would feel justified in going down that path, even though I would never have considered it otherwise and I believe a lot of people would feel the same way.

From now on I will only buy a game on the PC format a week or two after release, that way I can check the games forums for bugs due to hasty release dates and for DRM related problems. I may even totally refrain from purchasing PC games online, as most, if not all mail order game retailers do not include DRM information on their site when listing game specs. I feel PC gaming is close to death, perhaps due to next gen consoles, if it's not then this trend in DRM protection will surly deliver it to the coffin. DRM didn't work for the music industry, what the hell makes the gaming industry think it'll do any better with games. Alienating their "paying" customers in order to try to stop piracy will surly reduce sales of PC games, not increase them.

It would be interesting to hear other peoples views on this subject.

  Kevscar1 07:40 31 Dec 2008

Restoring should not have affected the games. Try deleting them then run CCcleaner and also run the reg cleaner within CC. Then reinstall and let us know if that cures it.

  gazzaho 23:22 31 Dec 2008

Thanks for the response Kevscar,

I tried what you suggested and CCleaner seemed to clean a lot of temp stuff out of the user folder and I also noticed some DRM related entries on the list.

After deleting these and running the registry cleaner within CC, there wasn't much wrong with the registry as I use Revo Uninstaller to remove programs, but when I reinstalled Crysis: Warhead it worked perfectly, so it corrected some problem! I'm not so sure about re-installing Sacred 2 though as this is where I started to have problems in the first place, I may pluck up the courage later and install it, if and when I do I'll be sure to post and let you know.

Thanks for your help, it was a lot more productive than the install the latest patches "auto response" from SecuROM. I'm a little wary of this type of program as I've been bitten quite badly in the past by cleaners causing more damage than curing, but I guess time will tell, if all my apps continue to run properly I'll be more than pleased.

  AL47 21:22 09 Jan 2009

i dont touch securom games, its probably a good thing and will save me money in the long term

  Kevscar1 02:19 10 Jan 2009


Uninstall warhead then install Scared 2. If that plays OK then reinstall warhead.

  gazzaho 05:55 20 Jan 2009

I plucked up the courage to install Sacred 2 and this time everything went to plan! I was able to update all the patches for the game and I'm now enjoying the experience.

I did however have to uninstall the drivers for my Razer Diamondback 3G mouse as the middle mouse button steadfastly refused to work at all with the game, and the scroll wheel refused to work properly with some Windows based progs. Razer haven't been much help in getting the problem sorted so I've had to resort to my trusted (5 year old) MS Optical mouse because I just can't live without additional buttons for Forward and Back and the default Vista drivers don't support more than 2 button mice.

I'm still not happy with the DRM police and their useless tech support, but at the moment I'm happier than I was a month ago thanks, once again to you Kevscar.

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