Reviews on gaming pc's please

  Wendizzle 23:46 12 Oct 2017

Hi all apologies in advance as I'm not a gamer or a tec head I want to buy my son a gaming pc but I'm on a budget, I have seen one...'Cyberpower PC Syber M AMD FX4300 GTX1050 8GB 1TB Gaming PC'. Has anyone any knowledge of its performance etc. My son plays on steam a lot and the pc he had literally had a nervous breakdown and died after blue screening, so I want to make sure the above mentioned won't give up too All advice welcome Thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 06:55 13 Oct 2017

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  Menzie 12:39 16 Oct 2017

Not knowing the specs of the old computer or what your son is actually playing I can't really comment on how that PC will perform for him.

As for how long it will last, that video card is current (albeit low-end). So it will struggle with games in the future compared to a higher model. The CPU is also updated and may bottleneck any future video upgrades if your son went that route.

Spend a little more now so you won't have to in future. With gaming PCs buying the bare-minimum never pays off.

If course this again all depends on what is actually being played.

  Menzie 12:42 16 Oct 2017

That above should read "The CPU is also outdated."

And "Of course" instead of "in course."

  RufinaTangert 07:31 05 Feb 2018

Can you find this PC in stock? I think it will not available in the market, you must have to find latest PC according to latest gaming requirements. I know it is most inexpensive and highly rated but you need some new thing.

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