recommend new games please

  iqs 16:53 05 Oct 2010


I haven't bought a PC games for nearly six months,can you suggest some games which are worth purchasing please,also must be W7 compatible .

Thanks you

  Proclaimer 17:23 05 Oct 2010

Do you want to waste 90+ hours of your life or just drop into a game now and then?

Hack n Slash or test the mind?

Right the wrongs of history or build a better future?

give us a clue.

  iqs 19:09 05 Oct 2010

To be honest, I'm after a games/s I can play just to kill a few hours of boredom.Not too fussed if I don't complete it.

I like FPS and racing games.


  gengiscant 08:46 06 Oct 2010

I am playing Left4dead 1/2, drop in and out as you please and probably the most spooky game I have ever played. Amnesia the Dark here
most of my games I get through Steam and all run on my self built Windows 7 PC.

Most games run fine on Windows 7 I recently played Painkiller again. An excellent FPS.

  Proclaimer 09:36 06 Oct 2010

Try Fallout 3, Game of the Year Edition then. Wander round killing stuff, upgrading stuff, finding stuff. Has a good story, great graphics, is Cheap because it is old and 4 is out this month.

It can be picked up and dropped any time and is easy to wander round at your own pace doing whatever you like as in follow the story or not.

Just good fun, good story and good graphics.

  iqs 15:08 08 Oct 2010


Just bought Battlefield Bad Company 2,so far so good.

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