RE 5 game system settings

  iqs 19:12 11 Oct 2009


I'm running RE5 on the following settings,without any noticeable graphics or playability issues.
Just wondering what setting you are using????

Resolution 1280x1024

Display Mode Full Screen

Refresh Rate 60fps

V-Sync On

Anti A 4x

Motion Blur On

Shadow Detail High

Texture High

Overall Quality High


  mrwoowoo 19:47 11 Oct 2009

The same as yourself exept..
Anti aliasing ... C16XQ
Resolution... 1440 x 900
Giving a steady 57 - 60 fps.
My system specs are...
GTX 260
Q6600 @ 2.4 GHZ overclocked to 3.0GHZ
4GB DDR2 800 mhz ram.
So far found it to be a very smooth,bug free game.

  iqs 20:37 11 Oct 2009

Haven't tried with higher AA settings,might play and see what happens.

My specs are

BFG 8800 GT 512MB OC

Intel Core2 6600 2.4GHz


Was thinking about buying a GTX 260,265 or 275,what is your opinion of the card?.


  wolfie3000 23:13 11 Oct 2009

I would recommend disabling Vsync as it tends to reduce performance,

If you get page tearing while playing just enable it again.

Also motion blur can cause movement sickness in some so be careful when playing for along time.

  mrwoowoo 03:13 12 Oct 2009

I think the card is great for the money.
I have the Palit GTX 260 0C version at £120.00 from Nova tech with 2 free game downloads of Batman Arkham asylum and Terminator here
This tells you how good the card is better than i can as you can compare the framerates against other cards.
click here

  iqs 19:37 12 Oct 2009

Thanks for the advice wolfie3000

I agree £120 is a bargain with the free games,and as a bonus I only buy from Novatech,thanks mrwoowoo

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