gengiscant 16:11 11 Oct 2011

Just finished the above game and if you liked Borderlands and to some extent Fallout 3 then you should enjoy this.

when I first installed this through Steam I had a recognized problem with screen tearing which fortunately was easy to correct. There were a number of other problems which a patch has since corrected and has run perfectly since.

Graphically it is not in the same class as Crysis 2 or C O D etc which seems the norm for games that Bethesda have part in. Lots of shooting and car driving which you can upgrade by racing. You are given access to an awful lot of guns most of which you really will not need as there are very few enemies that the good old shotgun and my personal favorite the sniper rifle can not handle. There is a couple of bosses again nothing to taxing and a very anticlimactic end. All in all an OK game which I am going to play again but this time do more quests and racing.

  AllThumbs 15:59 19 Oct 2011

Am I not right that even if you get the game from a shop, and so have in theory the game on a disk, you have to then download another 25 or so gb more files via steam?

Such a download would add at least a tenner onto the cost from my ISP and would also tie up my pc for well over a day just to download the game.

I'd been looking forward to this game for some time but will have to abandon it if this is indeed the case, not for the clitches and bugs but because of it's ridiculous installation needs.

  IClaudio 17:27 19 Oct 2011

Hi AllThumbs... I bought Rage on a physical disc and it took some while to install from DVD, but no big d/load via Steam after that.

Having said that, I'm very disappointed, as the game is unplayable at the moment. I have a Radeon HD 6900 but still, after the loading screen, I get 2 or 3 frames, then several seconds of un-activity before then next couple of frames.

I assume that Steam will automatically apply any new patches, so I should be up-to-date...

  gengiscant 19:33 19 Oct 2011

I claudio. I had problems before the patch we came out a week or so ago and have had no problems since. It might be worth checking the game files via Steam in case any are corrupted. There is also excellent help to be found in the Rage forums on Steam.

AllThumbs. Unfortunately you will need to download set up files via Steam but it is to 25 GB, more and more games are going this route these days, I myself have unlimited broadband for just over a tenner so do not have a problem, but as I have already said it is nowhere near 25 GB, unfortunate I am not near my PC at the moment so I can not tell you the overall size of the game. One thing I suspect about this game is there is likely to be DLC in the future as there seem to be areas that should be open. Good game.

  AllThumbs 00:18 24 Oct 2011

I don't disagree that large file sizes aren't becoming the norm for games, but if I pay the cost of a physical game, disk, manual etc over the cost of a digital download, I expect to get the game on the disk. I don't expect to buy a box with a cd in it which has a link to steam and to then have to download x amount of additional material just to play the game I purchased.

DLC is a different kettle of fish and that's not unreasonable that it comes as an add on carrying its own cost to weight of files ratio.

It seems to me that our internet is going to get clogged up with people downloading these huge files and it's just because the publishers have found out how to avoid the cost of actually burning the discs, they get us fools to download stuff we've already bought.

As far as Rage goes I'm afraid that having read some reviews I'm going to skip it. Reads a lot like a cross between Fallout3 and Borderlands. I enjoyed both those games but I'll wait for Borderlands2. (Actually I'll wait for Skyrim which I suspect will be out sooner).

Ta for your insight and advice though lads.

  mrwoowoo 20:12 02 Nov 2011

I wasn't sure about this game, but boy am i glad i got it. Awesome graphics, about the best i've seen. And the game play is excellent. Far better than Borderlands which became rather boring after a while. I love the fact that a lot of the enemy come rushing at you so that you have to think and react rather quickly. Makes it more exciting as shooting from afar as in most FPS can get a bit samey. This game is about 75% FPS and 25% RPG (IMHO). I give it 9/10.

  gengiscant 17:03 03 Nov 2011

Awesome graphics, about the best I've seen

So you haven't played Fear 3 or Crysis 2? Whereas I to enjoyed the game the graphics in my opinion were mediocre at best, particularly when you were inside a building where most of the items were poorly painted into the scene. I suppose they were reasonable in the outer areas but not 2011 standard.

  mrwoowoo 18:23 03 Nov 2011

We must have different systems then gengis. I have played Fear 3 (average graphics) and Crysis 2 where the graphics were good/very good in places but awefull when it came to indoor locations. Infact i could have drawn them better myself. My two work colegues also have Rage, and both agree that the graphics are about the best they have seen. I do know that a lot of people are having graphical issues with it which may explain the variation in opinions.

  IClaudio 00:19 04 Nov 2011

SO, I eventually managed to get into the game (Install new card, Update graphics drivers, Un-install game, re-install game...) and now it runs fine and I can appreciate the great graphics and sound (I l-u-r-v the profanities as you shoot the mobs!).

BUT every time I exit an area, the game freezes and I have to re-boot the game... very tiresome!

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