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Questions about a gaming laptop

  Henrique Lourenco 00:11 24 Jan 2017

Hello. Next year I will go to university and I want/need to buy a computer that is decent for gaming. Because my budget isnt very high, i tought of this one: click here if the site is in portuguese) Do you agree with this option or do you recomend another one that is around the same price?

Furthermore, this site says: Intel® HD Graphics 530 + NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M 4GB GDDR5 Does this mean it has 2 graphics cards or just one?

Also: Do you think it can run Battlefield 1?

Sorry for being a newbie :P Thanks in advance!


  Archonar 08:45 24 Jan 2017

The intel graphics and nvidia are separate but cannot be run together. The intel chip is integrated onto the CPU and cannot run anything more than videos and very basic games. The 950m is the only one that will be doing the work in games. It will run BF1, this link shows you will have about 45 fps at medium graphics: click here.

As for other options we could probably recommend lots of varieties, ultimately it would probably be best for you to read reviews and give us options to compare. I think the one you are looking at looks like a good start though and should do what you need it to. The only thing I would look at if you're going to uni is battery life; you don't want it dying on you after an hour.

  Ilitri Jander 17:10 29 Jan 2017

If Nvidia graphics and Intel processors go separate. Always a graphics card has more power than Intel processors. If you are looking for some information look here.

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