Marko797 13:39 29 Nov 2008

Anyone playing this Bond film spin-off game?

Just got it myself and must say enjoying it 'mucho'.

Grafs good, good control set-up (typical FPS), full of action, good range of weapons, bits of Casino Royale in it, as well as QoS. Game play good and what u might expect from a FPS game.

Getting a few sound glitches on cut-scenes, but maybe my drivers need updating. I'm not set up as '007 level' (next one down) and finding it tough going & quite challenging.

Not quite in the same league as CoD episodes, but enjoying this much more than the ill-fated Far Cry 2, which I have now abandoned due to absolute boredom.

  Managing ed 14:08 04 Dec 2008

Fancy giving us a user review..?

click here

  citadel 17:09 04 Dec 2008

pcgamer review says
shaky but sometimes stirs
it's not
score 65

  mrwoowoo 00:50 05 Dec 2008

Played the demo.Awful.
Nuff said.
Ok graphics.
Quirky physics.
Awkward and unbalanced.
Not for me.

  Si_L 01:36 05 Dec 2008

Didn't buy it based on my opinion of the demo - it blows. If you want some good James Bond fun (not in a gay way), then play Agent Under Fire.

  Marko797 11:11 05 Dec 2008

Personally I don't trust the ratings. It's a bit like a film review, some are good, some are bad, but you have to make your own decision.

For example, your source, according to your post above, gave this a measley 65, but the same source gave Far Cry 2 something like 94, according to your earlier post ("The first review is in from the reliable pc gamer mag.it's beautiful,free roaming,utterly absorbing it's not a linear shooter, a prescribed story, going to let you go score 94"). Frankly I wouldn't give FC2 anymore than 49. It was frankly a waste of wonga, IMHO!

On demos, these are always, it seems, full of bugs as developers attempt to get it out quickly for us to try. Sometimes it doesn't prove to be the 'show case' which was intended.

I remember playing Project IGI on demo and thinking to myself "well I won't be buying this". In the end I did buy it and it proved to be one of the best games I'd ever played.

QoS, as I have posted, is an enjoyable game (well, I'm enjoying it) and thought I'd share this viewpoint with others. Yes, it has some minor glitches (which game doesn't?), it has no saves (it's all checkpoints) but in the main it's a good shooter, wide variety of weapons, and more than decent AI. Yes it's linear, but most FPS are, aren't they?

There are worse games out there I guess, but judgement would be better placed not on knee jerk reaction to demos, but on playing the actual final released version. Understand however that demos do sometimes have a major influence on buying decisions.

Managing Ed: Let's do a deal. I'll write a review after I finish the game, if you restore the Games Forum to the way it was before the invasion of these unwanted games promotions which now clutter the upper section of the forum and which frankly make navigation of this forum a complete & utter nightmare. It's not that I don't like change, it's just an unnecessary intrusion and duplication, IMHO.

  mrwoowoo 01:15 06 Dec 2008

" knee jerk reaction to demos, but on playing the actual final released version."
The problem i have with that statement is that if you just buy the game regardless, it's £30.00 up the shoot if your instincts are right.
A demo and a good read of a selection of reviews as well as gameplay videos isn't a bad way to judge a game.
Over the years iv'e always bought games based on this and it's only really failed my once.And guess what?It was Far cry 2 as well.
Therefore,you are wrong and right,IMHO.
Oh and your 49/100 rating of Far cry 2 is spot on.

  Marko797 12:20 06 Dec 2008

I did include the caveat that demos can influcence the decision to buy or not, and that this was understood. Cost, as you mention, will also come into it, and I take your other points too.

Sometimes, as we know, the reviews are spot on, and on other occasions you think, 'how did they ever award this crock such a high mark?'. No names needed!

Another source which can influence buying decisions, is of course places like this forum, so am pleased we have the games forum and ppl can submit mini-reviews which I personally find useful. However, these are in the main subjective and based on individuals views. I tried Bioshock based on comments received here, but in the end got tired of the familiar routine, and un-installed. Others loved the game.

In the end it's our own decisions to buy or not, and spread the word, or not.

I'll carry on with QoS as I have nothing else in the 'larder' to play at the moment.

  Marko797 13:15 11 Jan 2009

Have completed this game, and must say (again), really enjoyed it. Difficult in parts, plenty of stealth required, and therefore patience at times.

Some strange and unusual things for an FPS which do take some getting used to:

In some parts (window ledges/walking across beams), game automatically switches to the 3rd person view.

The 'Cover' facility (taking cover next to a wall/building) is useful,tactical and at times saves ur life. I didn't use this until maybe after being halfway thru the game however, as I didn't know what is was all about!

Slo-mo action hand to hand fighting invokes a strange set up whereby u have to align opposing circles and click quickly when they align (which turns them green), if u don't click in time, they turn red meaning u die pretty soon.

Worst level, when u get poisoned at the Casino and need to get to ur car to save ur life. Hard to navigate back to ur car within the allotted time, and effects seems a little over the top, but then again what would I know, I've never been poisoned!

Overall: great game, enjoyable, but not in CoD league, grafs good, great selection of weapons, characters look like the film characters, & of course the haunting Bond theme throughout. Story is a mish-mash of Casino Royale & QoS. Would I recommend it? Yes 8/10, but then again I am a Bond-nut.

Buggy in parts but this might have been down to my ageing machine. Now back to IGI 2.

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