Q9300 Call Oof Duty Ghosts

  comp'sareimportant 21:06 11 Nov 2013

I am buying a new self build in early to late january , 4670k 16gb ddr3 asus hd7970 3gb TOP (already bought the asus)

In the meantime .. My current system is Q9300 8GB pc2-6400 800mhz ram Abit fatal1ty fp-in9 8800gts 640mb OCZ gameXstream 600w psu

Will the system i have right now run COD Ghosts ?

If I instal the asus 7970 just now would that help also ?

Any input welcomed !

  mrwoowoo 15:53 14 Nov 2013

In short no. The 8800gts is below the minimum specs. But if you swap it out with the 7970 you will be good to go. The 800mhz side of the RAM is slightly lightweight But i imagine you should just manage to play on medium settings. No such problem with your new rig. (O:!

  retep888™ 16:23 14 Nov 2013

<< If I instal the asus 7970 just now would that help also ? >>

I'm afraid it won't be a simple straight forward swap, the HD7970 needs 1X8 pin & 1X6 pin pci-e power connectors from a min 500W PSU which I doubt your existing PSU will provide.

Better wait until you've got all components ready. (not sure why you'd have the GPU first)

  mrwoowoo 16:57 14 Nov 2013

His current PSU of 600W is quite suficient to run that card. If he needs an extra power cable, you can buy a power conversion cable for a few pounds from somewhere like Maplin. No big deal. Cables

  retep888™ 02:57 15 Nov 2013

<< His current PSU of 600W is quite suficient to run that card >> Really?

The HD7970 draws over 100W when idle, draws 250W when under load & can be allowed to draw 324W when overvolted.

The peak output of the 600W OCZ isn't assigned to the gx card alone, 580W were split between 4X 18A +12V rails plus 1X 3.3 V & 5V at 30A. I always stressed that high power doesn't mean everything it's AMP per rail you'll have to watch out for, get a PSU which provides at least 1X 30A per +12V rail for this powerhouse GPU.

The first PCI-E gets a +12V rail all to itself which means it can theoretically draw the whole 18A of power but it can provide 216W only ( P=I X A ). The +12V2 rail is occupied by the second PCI-E connector and four of the eight pins on the 8-pin CPU connector.

If you really want to use 8 pin adapter then 2X 6 pins into 8 pins should be used not a single 6 pins to 8 pins adapter & 2X 4 molex to 6 pins adapter ideally on 2 separate molex power supply. In short an used 6-7 years old deteriorating/underpowered PSU should not be used to power a high end modern GPU.

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