ps3 or 360 for me? ..

  AL47 14:02 30 Nov 2008

i am thinking of going the console route,

pc is to expensive to maintain, and i already have a laptop, and this never ending securom [particularly on red alert 3] has pushed me away

so yeah, i may be after one of these, in the sales

i like all the ps3 has to offer, but its expensive,

but the main killer is the controllers! i used to love the xbox but hated the ps2 cause of the controllers, the xbox was smooth and fitted the hands, the playstation has those impossible [for me] to reach analogue sticks, thus i have never owned a playstaion

is there a way round this or is the xbox just a better bet? [despite no blue ray, media center capabilities]

  citadel 15:57 30 Nov 2008

if you get an xbox try and get one of the new 65nm jasper chip ones as these have new parts and shold run cooler so avoiding the rrod.

  Forum Editor 16:01 30 Nov 2008
  AL47 16:25 30 Nov 2008

i had a look at that before, but didnt want to thread hijack

looking at it think its gonna have to be xbox cause the ps3 seems to have identical controllers to ps2


  dagnammit 17:54 30 Nov 2008

Do you have really short thumbs? lol.

  AL47 20:07 30 Nov 2008

i dont think so lol, but i do have quite small hands with slim fingers!

  Si_L 21:41 30 Nov 2008
  dagnammit 23:54 30 Nov 2008

The xbox 360 controller is much bigger and heavier but it is more popular it seems.

I have to say though that due to it's size, the 360 didn't get purchased for my 6yr old for Chrimbo but instead we got her a playstation2.

  AL47 21:25 09 Dec 2008

ive decided against both for now, neither is what i want, i really want something in between with the xbox controller,

xbox controller and games
ps3 media centre and bluray lol

  grey george 21:38 10 Dec 2008

I believe the 360 controller can be plugged in to a PC and used as for games. I plugged mine in to my vista laptop and it just searched for then installed the drivers, i didn't have any appropriate games installed but i assume it should work. I also switched from PC to consoles because of the constant need to upgrade, but the console market seems to be the same every 3-5 years you have to buy a new one. If they keep working that long.

  toon_mad 08:31 13 Dec 2008

i use my 360 pad on pc, and i used to own a 360 and unless the new ones are any better, i wouldnt get any. pc games are better for the support,updates,mods etc - dam i hate that ps3 pad too!

i would go:

1) PC
2) 360
3) Mega Drive
4) PS3

its really not for me the playstation 3

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