Pre-built or own build ? i am new to the pc gaming

  Haytch 22:44 12 Mar 2017


I am now getting into PC gaming,But I need to get a system i have looked at pre-builts on and have selected a tower,screen,mouse.keyboard and headset bundle, I have configured it my self to the maximize it as best I could (this is a link to the build)click here

But I was wondering if it would be better to build my own ? but am clueless about what is best.

a couple of notes:

  • I don't need an operating system
  • i don't need DVD writer
  • the own build will need to include monitor, mouse and keyboard

If anyone could help me i would be forever thankful

Cheers Harry

  Haytch 22:47 12 Mar 2017

I for got to add that my budget is around the £600 i think this should be enough as i dont need an operating system

  Archonar 08:58 13 Mar 2017

Your link doesnt show us anything as it is your shopping cart which we can't see. Could you post a screenshot of the cart?

Personally I think building your own is always better as it gives you a much better understanding of what is going on in your pc. Fewer and fewer people are doing it nowadays which I think is a shame.

I would however say that £600 is a bit tight considering you need a monitor keyboard and mouse. What kind of games are you looking to play? Just note that for any relatively modern games you will be playing at medium to low settings I suspect, though I would need to see the build to be sure.

  Haytch 10:30 13 Mar 2017

This is what I've got so far :

Internet Security 1 x FREE - BullGuard Internet Security 100Mb, 3 Users, 1 Year Accessories 2 1 x Gaming Keyboard, Mouse and Headset Bundle Monitors 2 1 x 21.5" 60Hz 1920x1080 TN LED Monitor Gaming Chairs 1 x No Gaming Chair PC Cases 1 x Fierce Expanse Gaming Case - Black / Blue LED Lighting 1 x Sealed Single LED Strip Blue 30cm Processor 1 x AMD Athlon X4 860K 3.70GHz (4.00GHz Turbo) Quad Core CPU Graphics Card 1 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Graphics Card Motherboard 1 x Gigabyte F2A78M-HD2 Motherboard Memory/RAM 1 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz DDR3 Memory (1 x 8GB) Hard Drives 1 x 1TB SATA3 6Gbps Hard Drive Optical Drives 1 x No Optical Drive Power Supply 1 x Aerocool Integrator 600W 80+ Power Supply Internet Connectivity 1 x 300Mbps USB WIFI Adaptor Operating System 1 x Install your own Operating System External Storage 1 x No External Storage Webcams 1 x No Webcam Wireless Router/Home Plugs 1 x No Network Access Other Cables 1 x No Other Cables Power Cable 1 x Power Cable - UK 3 pin Warranty 1 x 3 Year Protect Warranty (Return to Base - 1 yr Parts, 3 year labour, Carriage Free for first 30 days) Priority Dispatch 1 x Standard Dispatch Time - 7-10 working days, (Mon-Fri) Boot Drive 1TB SATA3 6Gbps Hard Drive

I will be play bf1, the new ghost recon, total war, heroes and general and offer games such a rising storm 2 when it comes out

  Haytch 10:35 13 Mar 2017

I could scrap the monitor as I am sure I could get one for my work.

  hubblefrog 06:17 14 Mar 2017

If you are heavy gamer then a high end computer is worthy to invest.

  Haytch 15:31 14 Mar 2017

I've created a pc on pc part picker : click here

  Menzie 15:41 14 Mar 2017

The choice with the 1070 is much better, the 1060 is good but even at 1080p with titles in the future 3GB will limit you. I'm already experiencing limits on my 4GB 290X on some titles however I do play on dual screens.

The 1070 and stronger CPU is a safe bet and will last a while as consoles can dictate the power level required especially with ports for years.

My AMD FX-8320 and 290X are still going strong (Doom runs perfectly) despite them being previous gen.

  Haytch 15:53 14 Mar 2017

Ok I'll go my first build, is it worth adding more ram in the future or is what ive picked enough? Thanks for the help�/p>

  Menzie 02:35 16 Mar 2017

If the budget allows I'd up it to 16GB, once upon a time that was Overkill but as more and more games use 64-Bit code the memory usage has gone up. So having more will keep things running smoothly especially if you multitask. Several modern games like to use extra ram as a cache as well which improves the rendering.

Of course you can always add an extra stick of RAM later so it isn't a huge rush, just nice to have.

  Haytch 08:09 16 Mar 2017

Ok thanks I was thinking about adding more but wasn't sure I needed thanks for clearing that up I'll probably get more in the future cause I want to spread the costs out as much as possible

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