Pre-built gaming PC under £1000

  CraicPype 20:46 23 Nov 2014

I'm looking for a good pre-built gaming PC costing a maximum of £1000 including vat and UK delivery. I want to be able to play the latest games smoothly at a good level of detail and also have scope to upgrade to keep up in a year or so. I looked into building my own but, to be honest, I find the notion a little daunting. I was looking at pre-built Scan/palicomp/yoyotech/chillblast systems online but cant properly assess their virtues with my limited knowledge. I'm a total novice so it would need to be relatively plug and play. I don't need a monitor or any peripherals. I'm starting an architecture degree in the coming year so it would be helpful if it could double as a CAD machine.

As an aside, how would such a PC stack up against the performance of current gen consoles?

Please forgive me if this is a question that is asked several times a day on this forum.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  CraicPype 23:09 23 Nov 2014

the yoyotech warbird RS1 looks good- I think. Thoughts anyone?

click here

  CraicPype 13:37 24 Nov 2014


  nickf 20:11 27 Nov 2014

I would go for a Scan system , there warranty seems to be the best , and I have used them on many occasions , and always found them quite reliable . They do have some quite good prebuilt systems , but you can also customise . I would look to have an i5 Haswell CPU , a 240GB SSD , 8GB of ram and a gtx 970 this will give you the core of a very sound gaming rig .

  CraicPype 16:17 28 Nov 2014

Thanks boss. Could you perhaps link me to a Pre-built system with those specs for around 1k? Thanks again

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