£800 Gaming Computer - Need Help Please!

  FormidableRed 01:16 18 Dec 2013

I'm looking for a Gaming Computer, and my budget is £800. (I have monitors etc)

But there is way too much choice and I'm not the most computer savvy person, so not sure what I'm looking for.

If possible, I'd want it to be able to play games that are out today and have the option to upgrade certain parts etc in the future.

Thoughts/Suggestions? Cheers.

  harps1h 07:04 18 Dec 2013

hi there certain companies that will allow you to customise your computer. these start with a base price and you get a basic setup. however you can add improved hardware at an added cost. Alienware is one example. click here to it and opt for X51 with the i5 chip (second option)then select for your graphics card the R9 270 video card and this will run beautifully for you. The cost is £892


  spuds 12:45 18 Dec 2013

This is a question often raised on this forum. If you look into some of the previous archived postings, then you might find a number of possibilities, matching your needs.

  Forum Editor 19:29 18 Dec 2013

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  konnor141 15:35 11 Feb 2014

The best value for money would be to build one from scratch, but for £800 you have quite a lot of choice. I would recommend going for this one (click here £100 off until tomorrow, and I would recommend adding in the nvidia gtx 760 2gb, which is a decent gpu. It should run all games at high/ultra for the next couple of years, by which point you'll have the option to sli two 760s for better performance. you'll need to up the psu to 550 in the link, and upgrading the cpu for another £30 wouldnt hurt either. should cost around £800 in the sale, or closer to £900 if not.


  konnor141 15:36 11 Feb 2014

Sorry the link in my post is broken, the model is the elite 3770 and it's found under 'special offers - january sale'

  davepagle 04:30 13 Feb 2014

I'd go with something like this click here this click here


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