Is £500 enough for a good gaming PC?

  Lochshot 22:48 17 Dec 2013

Basically, my parents have asked me what I want for Christmas. I've been given a choice, next-gen console or custom-build(with the help of my dad) gaming PC. I've been looking online but can't really find a direct answer anywhere so I thought I'd ask here, is £500 enough to get a gaming PC that will really be worth the money in comparison to the £100-200 cheaper next-gen console? I've been interested in PC gaming for a while now because of the overall cheapness of games and things like the modding community for certain games, and ofcourse the improved graphics, but I don't know if I'll really get to experience anything that's that great with a budget that wont allow me to get high-end gear. That's another question actually, is £500 considered high-end(I know a price can't be high-end, I mean the components you can buy with it)? If you couldn't be bothered reading it all, to put it simply, is there any point in getting a gaming PC? Just to add, I'm going to uni next year and need a decent PC for the large amounts of programming I intend on doing through my course, so that's another pull factor towards PC, but I'm still not sure. Thanks in advance.

  Lochshot 22:57 17 Dec 2013

Just to add, I can so slightly over £500, got a job recently so it could potentially go up to £600.

  Lochshot 22:58 17 Dec 2013

Just to add, I can so slightly over £500, got a job recently so it could potentially go up to £600.

  martd7 13:43 20 Dec 2013

What about monitor speakers mice keyboard? Is that inc in the budget

  nickf 21:02 21 Dec 2013

In a word , no . You can build a gaming rig for that kind of money , but performance would not be great . And as Mart says , you have to factor in the cost of peripherals . I will take a look , see what I can find .

  Menzie 15:27 30 Dec 2013

You can build a gaming PC for that money but wouldn't be able to run everything cranked to high at 1080p in all games at 60fps.

I myself am running a 660 and can get a playable rate in most games with some of the detail turned down. Most notably Physx.

A console is great for plug and play gaming but nothing beats PC sale prices for value.

I would build with a okay video card for now while saving for a high end model if turning everything to the max is of paramount importance. Then you could sell the old video card to offset some of the cost.

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