Postal 2 : Share the pain, now free.

  wolfie3000 04:32 19 Jul 2008

Postal 2 has now been released as free multilayer game,

click here

Anyone whos played the game will know how fantastic and downright laugh out loud funny it is.

Heres the trailer for the online game.

click here

Theres even a level editor so you can design your own maps to play on, trust me this game is just total fun, it even has Gary Coleman, now that's AWESOMENESS you wont find in any other game.

  mrwoowoo 22:53 19 Jul 2008

Looks good fun,and free.
May try it out in the future as iv'e just had my first online experience, yesterday with quake 4.
Great fun but frantic at times.
Slowly managing to get my frag count up as i am improving bit by bit.
Can you enlighten me as to what some of the game speak means?
It's been made quite obvious to me what noob means Lol.I think GG may be good or great game!
Anymore i should know?

  wolfie3000 13:29 20 Jul 2008

This site may help you with gamer speak on online games,

click here

But i wouldnt worry to much about them all as many aint used nowadays and many of the terms are pretty obvious.

The most common ones are,

Noob - A new player or a younger player.

Bot - a program that runs as a pleyer in game or a program that helps with commands in game.

GG - Good Game.

Owned/Pwned - someone who has been taken out in an awesome way i.e. Headshot.

Epic win - when your team has utterly destroyed the enemy.

Epic fail - When your team has had its ass handed to them.

Lag - when a player or you has a bad internet connection and the game is running slow (Common excuse for a bad player)

Goodies - loads of the best weapons in game i.e. a chaingun or rocket launcher.

Nades - Grenades.

Bullet hose - a gun

Spraying - Shooting wildly, often performed by noobs.

Spawn - to reapper in game after dying.

Spawn camping - to find where players spawn and wait there for them to appear only to shoot them again, (Never do this as it can get you banned from the game)

TKing / Team killing - to shoot you own team mates, usually ends up with a ban.

Killathon - to get 5 or more kills in a game at once.

Tard, r'tard, f'tard - a player who acts like a 5 year old in game (usualy team killing and acting like a noob)

Hax - programs that allow you to cheat ingame.

OMFG!!! HAX - a shout you give out when someones using hax.

Haxxorer - Someone who uses Hax.

Hope this help, iv probably missed a few out but you will get used to using them.

  mrwoowoo 16:08 20 Jul 2008

Thanks for the heads up and the link. I must have been using the wrong words in google.At least i'll know what they are talking about now.
I actually won a level on Quake 4 last night.Not bad for a noob. (O:!

  Pine Man 16:19 20 Jul 2008

Just got to grips with texting language now I've got to learn a whole new one for online gaming!

  mrwoowoo 17:13 20 Jul 2008

Are you allowed to frag someone whilst they are busy chatting or is it not the done thing?
(i do)Lol

  wolfie3000 17:28 20 Jul 2008

well in most games yes but in mmorpg games your not, anyway you will find it hard to type to team mates while playing thats why most get teakspeak or a similar program.

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