please help,so confused which sapphire graphic card to buy

  habs2habs 12:15 09 Feb 2013

hi everyone

please i need your help an your advice

i am writing this thread hopping i will get help from you very soon.

i have Acer desktop,this is the specification:

intel i7 920 850Watts antec psu windows7 64bit 6GB memory

old graphic card ATI 4850

i would like to buy graphic card from your company(sapphire) but i am very confused,in fact so confused.they have so many models of 7950,example:

11196-16-20G 11196-00-20G 11196-09-40G 11196-02-40G 11196-00-40G 11197-12-40G 11196-17-40G 11196-11-40G

Please Why sapphire company have so many models,as i said before i am so confused which one to buy.

i have a lot of games:

crysis,crysis warhead,crysis 2,call of duty(old and news games),medal of honor,unreal tournament,halo combat evolved,frontlines fuel of war,homefront,far cry2,and soon i am going to buy farcry3,crysis3,.

the length of the old graphic card is 21cm(i don't have big case to fit very big and very tall graphic card).

kindly,can you please tell me which graphic card to buy to fit my case.

please i need graphic card to be so quiet and have very power efficient.

please give me 3 options to choose which graphic card to choose.

i hope to hear from you very soon.

my kindest regards habs

  Chronos the 2nd 15:07 09 Feb 2013

Do not be concerned on thos numbers they are more for manufacturers benefit not ours.

What is important is the size of your case,or at least the space you have for the graphics card. It might be a good idea to measure the length of your current graphics card and any space at the back of the card.I see you have posted the cards length (21cm's) so what space do you have behind it.

That way we will have an idea of overall length. I suspect even though you have a small case you should have know problem installing a GPU of your choice.

Very important is what is your budget.

  habs2habs 22:43 09 Feb 2013

Dear Chronos the 2nd

thank you so much for your quick reply.

i will measure the length of my old graphic card,and how much space i have behind it,and will let you know.

please i would like a case which very quiet.and very good for playing games(FPS).

some of sapphire graphic card have(boost,or OC,or boost and overclockers).

how safe to overclock the graphic card?

thank you so much again.

my kindest regards habs

  Chronos the 2nd 07:49 10 Feb 2013

If you buy a decent graphics then there is no need to over-clock as you will not see much difference in performance. If you only have a small case then perhaps you might want to think about getting a bigger one. Do you have decent airflow in your case? Do you have a fan at the front,perhaps one at the back and top.? Most high end graphics card need a lot of cooling so need plenty of cool air from the case to blow across the graphics card heat-sink.

What is your case by the way? (make/model)

  habs2habs 22:36 11 Feb 2013

Dear Chronos the 2nd

again thank you so much for your help.

i have gigabyte case,to be honest i don't know the model number.

the case have: one fan on the top of the case,and 2 fans in the front of the case(to circulate the temperature inside the case).

two fans 120mm on the side of the of the case(to extract the heat from the inside of the case to outside,80mm fan from the back of the case,to extract the heat from inside to outside.

please i am thinking to buy one of those fan,kindly can you please tell me which one do you recommend me to buy in term of games i mentioned in the previous thread.

the links of the graphic card are:

i am so sorry i gave you so many links.

my old graphic card which i have now is AMD 4850,the length of the card 21cm.

all the card i mentioned earlier they are bigger.i opened the case,they barely fit inside the case,but a little bit tight.

where can i find graphic card smaller in size?

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards habs

  Chronos the 2nd 10:20 12 Feb 2013

If you can only get a 21cm GPU in your case then you are going to struggle as the smallest 7950 comes in at 26cm this one. MSI.

You say your case is a Gigabyte. Is it one of these?

  habs2habs 21:43 13 Feb 2013

Dear Chronos the 2nd

again thank you for every help i am receiving from you.

This is the link for my case from gigabyte i have:

i can buy the MSI and any sapphire graphic card till around 28cm in length but will be tight.

please what do you think about the case and the fans i have in my case

i hope to hear from you very soon as you always did

my kindest regards habs

  Chronos the 2nd 17:15 14 Feb 2013

I am not sure where you are measuring your sizes from as you should easily get a big graphics card in your case. I am currently using Lian Li V354A with a ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II which is a little over 27cm and it fits in nicely Admittedly I removed the lower drive cage.But I notice you cannot remove the lower hard-drive cage with this case which is always useful. Something to remember for your next case.

If you can get up to 28cm graphics cards then most cards you have linked to earlier will be fine Just make sure that the power connections for the card are on top not the back as that will shorten the available space quite a bit.

As for fans you have plenty I prefer 1400mm fans as it means they can turn slower thus make less noise but still move the same amount of air.

  habs2habs 19:29 17 Feb 2013

Dear Chronos the 2nd

again thank you so much for every help i received from you. you have been so helpful to me.

the power supply i have is:Antec 850watts,true power.

i will be sure to choose the power connectors for the graphic card from the top.

to be honest i cannot afford to buy another case,just to fit graphic card.

i bought 2 fans 140mm before ,but the case doesn't accept them,instead i installed 2 fans 120mm.

if i want to buy a case ,can you please recommend me which one to buy,please give at least 3 cases ,and i will choose which one to buy.

i hope to hear from you very soon.

my kindest regards habs

  Chronos the 2nd 08:19 18 Feb 2013

Cases are really down to what you like as you are the one who has to look at it so what I suggest is you select three cases and I will give you an opinion if you want. Also budget does play a part as you get what you pay for.

In the past 3 months I have bought three cases and I still am not sure that I like the last one I bought. But I do look for fan placement which effects cooling,I used to like big cases but as I get older and less able I need smaller cases which I can move easily. I also look for decent cable management as I like all or most of my cables to be hidden. I also look for quality build, not the plastic rubbish that cheaper cases offer.

  habs2habs 22:39 18 Feb 2013

Dear Chronos the 2nd

again thank you so much for every help i received from you.

please give me some times,i will choose 3 different cases from different companies,and if you please advice me which one to buy.

have a very nice week ahead.

My kindest regards habs

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