please help,i can't play far cry2

  habs2habs 22:42 13 Feb 2010

hi everyone

please i need your help.

my pc specification:
intel quad core Q6600
sapphire HD vapor-x 5770 1 gb memory
direct x 11
antec earthwatts 750 watts
windows 7 home premier
4 GB memory

i have small problem.

When i play far cry2 game,i can't move normally while i am playing.(in the game when i press forward,i move,than stop,than move than stop),keeps freezing for a short times,than move,than freeze ,on and on.

I changed the graphic setting,thinking this will solve this.but it is not

I used to have nvidia 640 mb 8800 gts,but it stopped working,with this graphic card i wouldn't have this problem.

i bought the (sapphire HD vapor-x 5770 1 GB).

Maybe the graphic setting is wrong.

I can play any other game normally(delta force xtreme2,call of duty,unreal tournament)

Kindly can you please tell me what is the normal setting,with very good frame rate.

I hope to hear from you very soon

My kindest regards

  gengiscant 09:23 14 Feb 2010

Is your game fully patched?

  habs2habs 18:15 14 Feb 2010

hi gengiscant

thank you for your reply.

yes the game is fully patched,
chipset,and software of the graphic card is up to date.

I can play the game,but,i can't move normally,when i press forward.

move than stop,than move than stop,so on

I even bought new power supply(antec earthwatts 750 watts)fantastic psu.

i hope to hear from you all very soon

My kindest regards

  mrwoowoo 21:37 14 Feb 2010

Have you tried the advice i gave in your other post?
Which was.....

If you are using ready boost with a usb memory stick then unplug it.
Another solution is to Open the console while playing the game by pressing the ~ button on your keyboard ( next to enter) or the button above 'tab'on your keyboard.

Then type gfx_maxfps 30 and press return.
If it works you can always try raising the framerate a bit afterwards.

  mrwoowoo 21:48 14 Feb 2010

Are you being affected by malaria?
If you don't take the Malaria tablets your characters movement is seriously effected.
It's a long time since i played it though, so i'm not sure exactly how it hampered your characters movement.

  habs2habs 07:03 15 Feb 2010


please give me sometimes,i will do it on weekend,and will let you know with the result.

i can't do it before,before i come back from work very late.

mrwoowoo:no i haven't been affected by malaria

thank you for your kindest reply


  habs2habs 18:34 21 Feb 2010

hi everyone

i am really getting fed up with far cry2.

i had updated the BIOS to the latest version,and the software of the graphic card is up to date.

everytimes i tried to play far cry2,it keeps freezing than moving,on and on.

the technical support from sapphire,keeps asking me to update the bios to fix my problem.

as i said before i already updated the bios,and graphic card software,nothing worked,the same as before.

i tried different games(battlestrike force of force xtreme2,crysis warhead,crysis)all worked well.nothing happened as far cry2.

mrwoowoo:i tried your advise,by typing:

gfx_maxfps 30 and press return,than changing the number up and down.nothing worked,the same things as before.

can anybody tell me what is happening please?..

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards

  ronalddonald 07:25 07 Mar 2010

updated the sapphire drivers again and see, is loaded from a cd or has the game been downloaded. Have you checked the cd itself for any scratches

  Kevscar1 08:22 07 Mar 2010

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling, perhaps you have corrupted files. Then install any patches.

click here

  habs2habs 10:46 07 Mar 2010

thank you all for all the reply i received from you.

to be honest Kevscar,i don't want to uninstall and than re-install far cry2,i already finished about 10 missions,i don't want to repeat them from the beginning.

the far cry2 is fully patches.

i wrote to click here(website to far cry2 game),and to sapphire website(explaining my problem),and i followed everything,from there reply

example:reduce the resolution of the game,etc...
i wrote as well to (novatech technical support),from where i bought the graphic card from,

all were extremely helpfull(ubi,sapphire,novatech),all of them told me there is problem with the graphic card,and i need to replace it,or change it.

i am trying to replace it to the same sapphire vapor-x 1GB 5770,but i am afraid to have the same problem.

what do you think please?
i really like this graphic card.

i hope to hear from you very soon

My kindest regards

  gengiscant 10:56 07 Mar 2010

As 'Kevscar' said you could reinstall the game with all patches,but before you do copy your saves from here:C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Profiles\player\default\savegames or hereC:\Users\Name\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\Saved Games (user name being you)Then copy them back to the correct folder and you will not have to redo your missions.

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