please help,i can't finish (comrade mission) in battlefield3

  habs2habs 21:28 16 Dec 2013

Please i need your help

i can't finish the (Comrades) mission,in battlefiled3 PC,i really loves this game so much.

In the end of the mission(comrades) in the train station i got ambushed and i can't finish the games(i keep getting killed),i can't kill this terrorist

I followed everything(pressing E,left click mouse,than space button).but keeps getting killed

please is there any cheats i can do to go to the other mission,and avoid this mission

please help me finish this mission

thank you so much for your help in advance

My kindest regards habib

  mrwoowoo 07:37 21 Dec 2013

As you have not described your actual problem, i,m not sure if this is your issue. But I know there is a bug in this level. If, when you start the level (cut scene) there is only one man talking in the front of the car, you will have to quit and restart until you see both men in the front seats, otherwise you cannot complete the mission for some reason.You may have to do this quite a few times until the second man appears.

  mrwoowoo 08:10 21 Dec 2013

If your problem is just button mashing in defeating the terrorist.

When he first ambushes you and throws you to the ground, press [E] to get back up

2) When you're back up, press [LMB] repeatedly to block and then attack him

3) When you finally hit him to the floor, press [Space] repeatedly to lift him and throw him onto the train tracks

  habs2habs 21:34 22 Dec 2013

Dear mrwoowoo

thank you so much for your quick reply.

finally i was able to kill this terrorist and finished this games.

please there is another ting,hopefully you will help me as soon as possible please.

i bought battlefiled3 premium online through(origin website).

I finished battlefiled3 games.but there are others games in battlefield3 premium called:(Back to karkand,close quarters,End games,Aftermath,armoured kill).

i went

i can see all the games mentioned above,but i can't play them,when i double click on any game (nothing happened).

please how can i play other games mentioned above?

i want to play single player as campaign,not(multiplayer,co-op,platoons).

can you please kindly help how to play other games please.

i hope to hear from you very soon.

my kindest regards habib

  mrwoowoo 00:49 24 Dec 2013

Will take a look when I get home, as i'm working at the moment, and game content etc is blocked. I thought that when you go into Origin you just right click the game, then properties, and download it from there.

  habs2habs 14:26 24 Dec 2013

Dear mr woowoo

Thank you again for every help I am receiving from you.

Do not worry.I wrote as well to, for origin website forum.

I got reply telling me those games I mentioned are only (multiplayer games).

I do not know if you celebrate Christmas, if you do.I wish you celebrate christmas and new year with all the happiness and prosperous new year.

Thank you so much again

My kindest regards Habib

  mrwoowoo 21:10 24 Dec 2013

Habib I was fairly sure that they were on line only,, but as I was at work I couldn't be 100% sure. Happy christmas, and merry gaming.

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