please help me to choose graphic card

  habs2habs 11:57 17 Jun 2012

hi everyone

please i need your help.

i am playing a lot of game such as: crysis crysis warhead crysis2 medal of honor`(allied assault,spearhead,breakthrough)

frontlines fuel of war Pariah rogue trooper command and conquer renegade call of duty(1,united offensive,call of duty2) halo

soon i am going to buy (call of duty war at world,and battlefield3)

i am going to buy PSU and Graphic card ,but i am so confused which choose in relate psu and graphic card.

i can pay for PSU maximum £80 for 750watts And around £100.00 for graphic card

i am sending you the link for graphic card and psu.

Can you please give me your idea which one to choose

Graphic card: (this card is overclocked)does that means it will consume a lot of energy,and is it safe?


Modular psu:

(i think i prefer this one,what do you think please?)

i have MIDI case not big case,about the graphic card

i am very sorry for this big thread,but i am so confused,and please i need your help

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards habs

  KRONOS the First 16:53 17 Jun 2012

May I suggest this,PSU. Modular,so you only use the cables you need which means less clutter and better air flow.

Graphics cards comparisons.

HD6870 vs HD7770 the 6870 wins outright.

HD6870 vs HD6850 not such a difference.

HD6850 vs HD7770 the 7770 is still the slower card.

Unfortunately your first two links do not work so cannot compare.

I had before I upgraded to the GTX 670 a HD 6870 and a 500w PSU and I could play any game at high settings, so I can definitely recommend the 6870 and if you drop the 750W PSU down to a 600W PSU you will have a litle extra for your GPU.

  kirkthebest 02:59 18 Jun 2012

thanks i was also searching for one psu sounds pretty great!!

  manoj9585 13:34 20 Jun 2012

According to me you have to buy Mainstream / Occasional Gamer graphics card it support all the type of games.

  habs2habs 07:53 04 Jul 2012

Good morning everyone

Thank you all for your reply,i appreciated so much.

I have mini case,and very awkward to install anything inside the case,because it is small.i bought big case,and the computer shop will transfer everything from the small case to the big case(motherboard,hard disk,graphic card etc....)

i found out that the power supply is in the bottom of the case,not the top.

please,which power supply (have long plug,and long connections),and i like (modular psu).

i would like either 750 or 800watts psu.please not the OCZ psu,either (antec,corsair,etc...)

i will be using my pc mainly to playing games such as: crysis,crysis warhead,crysis2,halo,call of duty1,2,modern warfare2,modern warfare3,unreal tournament,command and conquer renegade,medal of honor)

i am going to buy graphic card later either (ati 6850,or 6870)

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards habs

  KRONOS the First 09:13 04 Jul 2012

Why do you feel the need for 750W or 800W PSU? I ran a a PC with 2 harddrives, 1 SSD a HD 6870 and the rest of the stuff including 4 fans on 500W without any bother.

Corsair 650W.

BeQuiet 630W.

Antec 650W.

And if you really want 750/800W

Corsair 750W

BeQuiet 730W.

Antec 750W.

  habs2habs 16:27 16 Sep 2012

hi everyone

this is me again.

i just found out the some graphic card require 3.0 PCI-E slot,my motherboard doesn't have 3.0 PCI-E,it does have 2.0 pci-e slots.

will the graphic card which require 3.0 PCI-E slots work on 2.0 PCI-E.

those are some of the graphic card:




please i really prefer the last one above,(but it says 3.0 PCI-E slot

please which one do you think i buy,(in term of the games i am playing).

the game i am playing is in the beginning of this thread above

i hope to hear from you very soon.

my kindest regards habs2habs

  KRONOS the First 17:28 16 Sep 2012

Yes all PCI-E 2 GPU's will work just fine in a PCI-3 slot so the HD 7870 will work as it should.

  habs2habs 11:24 23 Sep 2012

Dear Chronus and all

Thank you so much for your quick reply i received from you,i appreciated so much.

i will buy this graphic card,the link below:


-Please how safely can i overclock my graphic card,and honestly i haven't done OC before?

-Is there any clip on (you tube),showing me how to oc this graphic card safely)?

i hope to hear from you and from from other people telling me how to OC graphic card

thank you so much for your help in advance

My kindest regards habs2habs

  KRONOS the First 17:46 23 Sep 2012

Overclock, But I think that you should think long and hard about doing this,get it wrong and you will fry your GPU.

You can use this which will come with your GPU drivers. ATI Overdrive. This is quite good. ATI Tray Tools.

  habs2habs 07:15 25 Sep 2012

Dear Chronus

again and again,thank you so much for every help i am receiving from you,you have been very helpful to me.

i am not going to overclocking to high,just a little bit,some degree up,to see the difference between not overclocking and overclocking,while playing games.

will i void the warranty if i overclocking the GPU?

Is there in ( any clip,to show me how to do that?

have a very lovely day

My kindest regards habs2habs

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