please help,with crysis game

  habs2habs 18:40 05 Apr 2009

hi everyone

I am writing this thread hopping i will get help from you very soon.

I have (crysis warhead),and i loved this game so much.

2 days ago i bought(crysis),because i loved crysis warhead .

Since i bought (crysis)2 days ago till today Saturday 4/4/2009,i tried to play the game,the screen froze(i can't move forward,backward,side to side).

The only working is (night vision,binoculars).

in the beginning when i jumped from the parachute,i landed in the see(under the water),i pressed (W),to go up nothing happened.i died so many times.the screen froze.

honestly i pressed button(i don't know which one) than i am above the water.

When i was under the water everything in the screen (the HUD) is red,with malfunction word.the health indicators was red as well.

When i am above the water i pressed (W,S,D,A),i couldn't move at all,it froze completely.

In crysis warhead,i never got this problem,i start the game immediately,no problem at all.i don't know why this is happening to me with crysis game.

My specification to my pc:
quad core Q6600
windows vista ultimate
640 mb 8800 gts nvidia graphic card(up to date driver)
4 gb memory
direct x 9.0c

i hope to hear from you very soon,to solve my problem,because after 2 days trying to fix the problem with no avail,i felt so upset.

i was thinking the problem from either the (keyboard,or mouse),i put 2 different games,they work perfectly well.

Thank you in advance

  brundle 22:43 05 Apr 2009

Have you installed any/all patches for Crysis - here's 1.2 for example, with a long list of fixes; click here

  kalignorgna 15:17 06 Apr 2009

check the buton config in options as the movement keys might be the arrow keys instead make sure you know what button does what and you should be ok.

if it still does not work reinstall the game.

  habs2habs 07:36 07 Apr 2009

hi again

thank you for your reply to my thread.

i have the most reason update of the game,version 1.2.1

i am sure the configuration of the button are right,in fact i haven't change any configuration.

i hope somebody help me to solve this problem

thank you

  kalignorgna 08:22 08 Apr 2009

it is possible that the game update did not download/install Properly and that is why the games not working. Try downloading new copy of update (from crysis home page) then reinstalling the game update.

if it still does not work uninstall the game delete the folder out of c: program files then empty the recycle bin. once that is done install the game again don't install the update yet! and see if the game works Properly or not. it it works i would say that it is a bad idea to reinstall the game update since the game works without it.

  gazzaho 20:40 22 Apr 2009

It might be an idea to uninstall warhead if it's still installed before installing Crysis, perhaps one installation is conflicting with the other. I had Crysis installed before Warhead and both played fine. It might be worth installing Revo uninstaller click here and CCleaner click here and use both programs to remove all traces of the games before re-installing them.

  gazzaho 20:48 22 Apr 2009

I should have mentioned that Revo will uninstall the games and any registry entries/folders left behind, and CCleaner will delete any temp files that may cause problems, I would also use CCleaner to scan the registry for problems before re-installing the games. If you do use the registry scan save the backup file before you fix any problems that way you can recover it if needed.

  OTT_Buzzard 21:39 22 Apr 2009

Had the same problem a while back with Crysis.
Ended up uninstaling then reinstalling it. Fixed the problem.

  habs2habs 07:30 23 Apr 2009

hi everyone

thank you so much for all your help,you have been very helpful.

i uninstall the game and re-install it back in,than update all the patches.

now is working fine.

god bless you all

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