Please Help - Best gaming PC build for £1000

  ThePoundDollar 19:20 16 Mar 2014

Hi everyone,

So I've been looking around for a while now for a new PC. I've been on a couple of other forums and been recommended this PC (click here This includes a monitor, mouse and keyboard. My budget is around the £1000 mark (roughly $1600) but anything below this would be ideal. Can anyone recommend me a different PC, or simply improve upon this one? I'll need a monitor, keyboard and mouse included in the price as well. I want to be able to play games at a nice stable rate on pretty high settings. Also I'm pretty new to the whole building a PC thing so I won't know what CPU is better and the likes haha.

Also I've been recommended a few other builds on the 'Overclockers' forum but there's a few on there so I'll just link the thread here (click here If you could tell me if any of them are better than the one above it would be greatly appreciated!

  martd7 14:29 17 Mar 2014

The same thread as you started in Technical help i assume your not getting any replies because your "build" links in that thread bare no relation to what your asking

  ThePoundDollar 19:31 17 Mar 2014

They are related; I want to know whether I can get a better build for the price. Also decided to post here since it made more sense in the games part plus the other post looked a mess. Not sure how to delete the other thread

  martd7 21:10 17 Mar 2014

Tick the other thread as resolved,your links as said previous probably put forum members off from replying because they had nothing to do with your query,how is a link to "tune up utilities" and a black and white "postcard" anything to do with your query??

  ThePoundDollar 22:29 17 Mar 2014

What. I didn't even realise they linked to that. They should have linked to a build I put on PC Part builder

  martd7 23:06 17 Mar 2014

Thanks,please ensure future links are correct

both systems on ocuk are virtually the same other than one is an AMD system the other an INTEL system,both excellent performers,up to you i couldn't say which is better or faster,you cant go wrong with either system

  ThePoundDollar 10:59 18 Mar 2014

Thanks I will do next time haha. What about the other build that's on pc part builder? How does that compare? Also is the AMD build not faster

  martd7 13:01 18 Mar 2014

I would purchase one of the suggested builds on OC uk,The AMD build is cheaper thus they have managed to squeeze into the build an SSD

As you can see here overall the i5 processor is slightly faster but not much

click here

  martd7 13:07 18 Mar 2014

Other option is purchase a ready built system

click here

  ThePoundDollar 17:59 18 Mar 2014

Okay so 2 things. 1 is what if replaced the AMD build with an i5 processor. And 2 how does the chill blast compare to the AMD build

  martd7 19:13 18 Mar 2014

The other ocuk build has the i5 processor,reason id pick the amd is your getting bit more for your money,and ssd to install windows onto and a slightly better graphics card and a better efficient psu

Chillblast, i thinks a decent set up I5,2tb drive,ssd,good gamers card,however the keyboard and mouse are pretty standard,the monitors a decent make but not as good as the ilyama one in the ocuk build,but if your not used to building a pc id go for a readybuilt system

All in all theyre all very similar in performance and around the £1000 mark

Choice is yours

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