Playstation 3 250 Gb broken?

  skeletal 19:44 03 Oct 2009

We have just bought a slim-line 250Gb Playstation 3. It seems slow and jerky; in particular, on Fifa 2010 it is so bad that every second or two, the game totally freezes (sound and picture) for about a fifth of a second. It is unplayable.

As both this consol and game are so new, I guess that few people have any experience of them as yet; but any ideas anyone?


  dagnammit 11:21 04 Oct 2009

What firmware version?

....try resetting the console via Settings> System Settings and then restore.

My 120GB Slim came with 2.8 and I upped to 3.1 and it stuttered and froze on games etc

"Restore PS3 system" fixed it.

  skeletal 19:38 04 Oct 2009

Ah, that’s interesting!

When we turned it on, it automatically upgraded to V3.1; it would not allow internet access until the upgrade happened (I’m not a PS expert at all, I’m just trying to help my son).

Also, earlier today, I finally came a cross a web site that is all about Fifa. Apparently, the latest version is full of bugs and many people are reporting freezes and crashes, not exactly the same as ours though.

We have just got his favourite game going (COD) and that seems to be OK.

So, it’s 50/50 now.

I’ll suggest the reset idea, but we may hang on for a bit.



  dagnammit 00:29 05 Oct 2009

The restore doesn't move you back to 2.8. Your firmware will stay 3.1 until there's a new update. The reset just wipes everything.

If you leave it to later remember to stick a memory pen in and backup your game saves. Navigate to the save data and then hit triangle to copy.

  skeletal 09:39 05 Oct 2009

Oh, OK!

I must admit to being a dunce on all things PS! Until now, we have just used it to play games on...

My son said a friend of his tried the reset and “lost everything”. By the sound of it, it would have been, at least, the game saves as you say.

But, does the reset lose the games as well; i.e. do you have to load them all up again, and go to the website to get all the updates/game packs etc.?

The reason I ask, is that this current quest actually started because we have bought the slim line to replace his older “fat” PS3. We foolishly thought that the “back-up utility” was the PS3 equal of Acronis and allowed you to back up the hard drive and “clone” it on to the new PS. We now realise this is not so, and many hours later of installs and downloads, we now have the new one set up like the old.

Or, would back-up work as it is the same PS (apparently, it won't work if you change the internal hard drive)?

As to performance, he thinks that ALL menus on all games, and the loading up of games is slower on the new one. But, it seems that on his old games, play is unaffected.

The Fifa 10 issue is by far the worst, but to add to the confusion, one of his friends reckons that his does not have the freezing issue.

So it seems it is not affecting everyone the same.

This has totally confused me; this kind of thing is common with PC games because every PC is different. But how can a game work on one PS, and not another?

We’ve not had a chance to try it on his old PS, but my other son is trying it on his.

Confused Skeletal

  dagnammit 10:48 05 Oct 2009

"As to performance, he thinks that ALL menus on all games, and the loading up of games is slower on the new one"

That in itself is wrong. Everyone reports that the xmb (menu system) works faster and game load times have increased. Part of the 3.0 update was to speed up the BR Drive and remove the PS3 splash screen from game start ups.

You will lose everything in a reset which is why I said back up gamesaves. As the 250GB has only came out I presumed you wouldn't have much on it at present. You would have to download updates and any PSN stuff you have purchased all over again.

Remember to deactivate the PS3 to keep your 5 count low. You are allowed your stuff on 5 machines but they must be manually deactivated when you remove your stuff. While signed into the PSN go to Account Management and choose Deactivate System.

  dagnammit 10:51 05 Oct 2009

Meant to add 'back up' will back all your data up (game saves, photos, video etc) but won't copy any files that are copy-protected... that's installs, PSN purchases and some game saves.

  dagnammit 10:57 05 Oct 2009

Found this: click here

  skeletal 11:09 05 Oct 2009

Thanks dagnammit. There is some useful info in your post. It is a reasonable assumption about the amount of data, but of course, you did not realise we were trying to get all my son’s stuff over from his old PS. This itself had caused us a lot of problems, because I did not then realise about the limitations of the “back-up” utility.

I did not know about the “5 count”. When we finally get all this sorted, we were going to sell the old PS. I had wondered about all the stuff that is on it (not least the WEP code for our home network). I guess we will remove what we can, AND do the deactivate thing.

Presumably, the person buying our PS will be able to use it OK: they will just have to start a new account.

I’m really in two minds now. From what you’ve said, the new PS should not be as slow as it is, but my son says he can just about live with it. BUT it MAY be cured by a reset, which will then mean several hours of downloading again (I assume you can download indefinitely, so long as it is to the same machine?).

Or is there something dodgy about the new PS that is causing it to be both slow, AND interact badly with Fifa 10.

Oh dear, this is getting to be harder to sort out than a computer!

Thank you again for your help.


  dagnammit 11:35 05 Oct 2009

Deactivate it BEFORE you restore it.

Once you deactivate the old one and then use restore & full format you're safe to sell it on.

Your Slim should be fixed by a restore & format (if you called Sony it's what they'd tell you to do) but deactivate it first.

The first time you log into the PSN the system will be "activated" again and then you can start your downloads again.

  dagnammit 11:38 05 Oct 2009

Do your downloads over night and set the machine to turn off when it's finished. That feature even installs the downloads unnattended!

Saved a LOT of time when I had 25 PSN games to re-download.

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