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  techman222 09:49 02 Mar 2010

I am trying to play a couple of driving games called V-Rally 2 and Test drive unlimited.I was told that a XBOX 360 CONTROLLER would be suitable for either game so I bought one.I use XP so I installed the software.When I plug in the controller there is a green lighton the number one section of the centre button.But none of the buttons seem to control the games.I can control the test drive game with the keyboard but not the other game.As I do not like using the keyboard for games can someone advise on how to use the XBOX 360 Controller and perhaps what all the buttons are for.

  gengiscant 11:19 02 Mar 2010

Have a look here.
click here

  gengiscant 11:21 02 Mar 2010

and here

  Colin 18:39 02 Mar 2010

Sorry if I'm being too basic, but have you selected the Xbox 360 controller in the game's set up? I haven't played either of these games but I find that some games require you to select keyboard or controller.

  techman222 19:51 02 Mar 2010

Hi Colin,
How do I go about selecting the controller in the games setup.Test Drive works only with the keyboard but v-rally does not work with either keyboard or controller.


  mrwoowoo 20:56 02 Mar 2010

You should find it on the menu/start screen. It would be under settings or game settings, then control options. Here you should be able to change from keyboard to controller.
When you configure the joysticks and triggers, hold the joystick in the direction you want it to go or hold in the trigger for a couple seconds. You should get a message telling you to release the joystick or trigger. If you don't wait for the message before releasing, it won't work.

  techman222 09:33 04 Mar 2010

Hi mrwoowoo I cannot find anything entitled settings or game settings when I click on start.

  gengiscant 10:37 04 Mar 2010

I think mrwoowoo means in the games menu, all games have an option menu, for us keyboard and mouse players we can change the keys to do what we want. I use the arrow keys instead of WASD.
So if you look in the options menu then controls in your game you should find the setup menu.

  mrwoowoo 17:42 04 Mar 2010

Well spotted.
Yes, that's the menu that appears when you start the game.
Hard to tell sometimes how much someone knows about PC's.

  techman222 09:22 06 Mar 2010

Hi Guys have just tried what you suggested and heres what happens.Click on launch V-Rally Expert then get five choices 1 player start,2 player start,3 player start and 4 player start and game options.I use the down arrow to go to options but nothing happens when I press enter.I then pressed Esc to exit and got two choices yes press enter and no press Esc.When I pressed enter nothing happens when I press Esc it goes back to the game so am unable to exit and cannot get out of the game and have to turn PC off and back on.Will try the other game and let you know what happens.Hope you can help

  techman222 09:36 06 Mar 2010

Just tried Test Drive Unlimited and when I select options it seems the only option is a keyboard as I cannot see any option to change to a controller.So it seems like one will only accept the keyboard and the other no means of control any more ideas chaps.

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