Pc Upgrading Advice on my Pre Built PC

  sorenb 18:45 15 Apr 2018

Hey I need some advice on upgrading my rebuilt PC. Last year I purchased a Dell Optiplex 990 MT and it included an Intel i5-2500, 8GB of ram, 500 GB hard drive, and a crappy old power supply. Shortly after that I bought a fresh thermal-take 500w power supply, and an ASUS Strix GTX 950 and inputted them into the Dell. And everything works! I am very satisfied with my system and it has caused no problems so far! Now let me get to my issue. I really want to be able to create a new pc, with an actual third party case and motherboard. I have not purchased anything yet, but I plan to reuse the CPU, GPU, PSU, Hard Drive, RAM, and the case fans. I have chosen to buy the case, the Cougar MG110 Micro ATX Mid Tower (the link will be at the end of the email), and the motherboard, ASUS P8H67-M Micro Atx motherboard LGA1155 (link also below). My main question is do you think this would be a good choice? Also if the deal I am getting for these parts are decent? I also am using 4, 2GB Ram sticks and I know I probably should upgrade these but I feel better about making my PC my own with a new case and motherboard. I hope you can make time to reply. Btw I am a heavy gamer however, I normally play pretty low intensity games such as Fortnite and CSGO and Overwatch. Thanks, Soren

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  Menzie 01:53 18 Apr 2018

To be honest getting a new motherboard to use the same processor isn't really advisable unless you are looking at extra features your current board doesn't have such as extra ports or upgrade slots.

Getting a new motherboard should be the time when you get a new CPU and memory to go with it.

If you are happy with how the PC peforms I'd say leave it alone for now and set the money you were going to use aside.

Add to this money you set aside occasionally and the day the PC no longer performs how you need it to, you'll have some of the funding for your next machine.

  Flat Earther 03:34 19 Apr 2018

Agree with the above, if you want the new case then go for it but just transfer your current hardware.

There is also the potential that after changing the motherboard the Activation of the Operating System will fail, it's a slim chance but could be costly.

"If it ain't broke..."

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