Pc upgrade advice please ?

  martd7 12:51 24 Aug 2013

My current pc is an intel i3 3220,8gb ram,nvidia gtx 650 1gb video card

I find a lot of the newer games have to be run on medium settings whether this is the cpu or gpu im not sure,i was looking at some you tube footage of various games using the gtx 650 and the games look nothing like they do on my pc,ie battlefield3,payday 2,much more detail

My budget for upgrading is tight so its upgrading the cpu to an i5 or the gpu to a gtx660,havent enough cash for both

Im tending to think its the processor not the graphics card thats the problem Any advice welcome

  Chronos the 2nd 09:01 25 Aug 2013

Hello again.

Go for the GPU rather than the CPU I would suggest. What is your budget?

  martd7 15:34 25 Aug 2013

Hi chronos, serious login problems today never experienced this before,

Anyway,budget about £150,the gtx 660 2mb cheapest i found was msi £142.50,cheapest i5 processor 3350p at £138

I would have reasoned it was the gpu but after looking at the you tube demos it made me think its the cpu plus my sons sony laptop has an i5 processor with a radeon 6 series graphics card and he can play payday2 on medium settings easily,albeit at resolution of 1366x768

  Chronos the 2nd 16:16 25 Aug 2013

I would stick with the GPU upgrade for now and save towards the CPU in the future. You will be able to sell your current CPU for a reasonable price which will help.

  martd7 16:29 25 Aug 2013

Thanks you know better than me so i will do that at end of this month,then in a few months upgrade the cpu

can i ask what do you think about the i5 3350p seems its cheaper than other i5s because it has no inbuilt graphics,would i see a significant jump in overall pc performance ?

  Chronos the 2nd 17:05 25 Aug 2013

To be honest it really is not a big leap. Compare. I am not sure I would even bother to upgrade the CPU as the performance increase in games will be pretty minimal. Here is a pretty decent review on your chip from a site I use regularly and subscribe to the magazine. i3-3220

  martd7 18:03 25 Aug 2013

thanks i may actually skip that upgrade i had read the i3 was much slower than the i5 due to the number of cores,a magazine ive always bought PC format advocates the i5 as the best processor in terms of value and performance

Thanks again

  Chronos the 2nd 18:35 25 Aug 2013

Just cancelled my subscription to that magazine as it recently reduced the number of pages by around 16 if memory serves and when I emailed the editor about why there was nothing in his editorial about the reduction, in fact there was nothing at all in the magazine he really was not interested, so I cancelled.

Apart from that I felt it really was rather superficial in it's reviews and there was little to hold my interest these days.

  martd7 19:13 25 Aug 2013

Ive bought that magazine since its inception the content has diminished somewhat and the last 4 issues were staple bound unlike previous issues,sign of the times lower readership,cost saving measures

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