pc steering wheels

  pmaguire651 19:24 20 Jun 2010

does anyone know of a good steering wheel that is compatible wit pc and xbox 360 for between £50 and £100?

  cheap to fix 23:01 21 Jun 2010

you have 3 choices in general

1) cheap - is standard or basic range between £15 to £30 for kids

2) force feedback steering, range between £25 to £70 these simulate real driving by auto return and hardness in corners "beaware of the other useless type of force feedback which uses vibration only"

3) forcefeedback with lifesize, the new generation steering which is the same size as a real car and also has force feedback along with a working gear pedal "for selected games". ranges between £70 and £100.

the best stering is: the Thrustmaster RGT

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