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a pc noob that needs help

  Mll2 04:46 27 Apr 2019

Hi i was interested in becoming a pc gamer but im on a budget and i saw a cheap pc but i dont know if it is good can you guys tell me

Windows 10 Pro Amd Phenom x4 955 3.21Ghz Memory ddr3 12gb hdd 2tb graficard Nvidia gt 630 2gb power supply 750w thermal take wifi dvd rw cooler for hdd gaming case cooler master with 5 fan different light and controlor for light

  Menzie 13:43 27 Apr 2019

Don't waste your money, that CPU was good I had it myself 10 years and 3 builds ago. Nowadays it wouldn't cut it for gaming.

That graphics card is also way behind and not a gaming card either. If you buy this machine you will be disappointed.

Unfortunately PC gaming isn't cheap, the words cheap and PC gaming don't go together. To be frank, if gaming hardware as cheaply as possible is a must, then a console is best.

An ok gaming PC will be around £600.

  Mll2 15:01 27 Apr 2019

thanks a lot

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