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Is the pc I've bought any good?

  RoyHodgson 19:56 10 May 2019

Hi, I bought a pc on eBay the other day, I was looking for a good all round computer that I could also use for casual gaming at a low price. What do you think would be the right price to have paid for this?

Dell Optiplex 9010 i-5 Quad Core 3470 running at 3.2GHz 16G RAM 1TB HDD Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4Gb

Also, how would you consider upgrading to get the most out of it?

  RoyHodgson 21:15 11 May 2019

Thanks for the reply kieth, I'm not very knowledgeable about these things and was experiencing doubts about having bought something I wasn't sure about.

I bought it off a seller who had bought it refurbished a year ago. Including p+p i paid £173 for it.

I was just wondering if that was a reasonable price and what improvements i should prioritise if any.

  Devil Fish 01:06 12 May 2019

To be honest it is not worth upgrading if you just want it for casual games. if you want to play the latest games at good frames then you would be looking at buying or building a newer machine which will not give you much change out of £1000

  [DELETED] 01:56 12 May 2019

Around £30 for a 240GB SSD to host the Operating System is always a worthwhile upgrade.

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