Is the pc I’m about to buy work £2600

  Chewyclegnuts 11:49 04 Feb 2018

Hi I’m just after a second opinion on a pc I’m about to buy I’m sold my gaming laptop that had an i7700k with 2 gtx 1080s in sli and just hoping it will out perform it.

I’ll be using it for streaming and games like fsx gta v all the usual. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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  Govan1x 12:51 04 Feb 2018

A lot of money for a 2nd hand computer.

  Menzie 13:46 04 Feb 2018

It's a clean customised job but personally if I was paying that sort of money it would be new and a current gen system in every way.

That CPU is two generations old now. Why don't you approach some reputable PC builders, and make a brand new system with warranty? For all you know this thing could have been mining it's whole life.

A new build with a 1080ti won't be much different with gaming.

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