PC has extremely bad FPS for certain games.

  CarltonEU 20:14 18 May 2017

So for the last like 6 months, my FPS has gotten very bad, and it is only in some games. For instance, I will constantly stay at 240 FPS on Osu without dropping a frame but when I play League Of Legends I can get massive lag spikes, sometimes it'll be 80 FPS then it will be 08 FPS. It can't be software as I am currently using a new SSD that has the exact same problems, so this must be a hardware issue. I'm not very good with PC's so I'm not exactly sure what is wrong and what to replace. This must be a hardware issue. PC Specs: -Intel Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00 GHz -8.00 GB RAM -GTX 970 Graphics Card -PC Mate Z97 Motherboard -Windows 7 64-bit -Also, have multiple fans that all work.

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