PC getting random lag spikes and freezing

  Ganaray 02:13 15 Apr 2019

I've recently been having lag spikes randomly while playing different games. Fortnite and Sea of Thieves have random lag spikes, but Minecraft freezes my entire computer for about 5 minutes to load and then continues to lag. I've updated my drivers, defragged my computer, searched for viruses and malware, change PC to performance mode and put all settings to low. I've been able to play these games without the lag spikes before and it started happening about a month ago.

I bought my PC on Newegg. It's getting close to 4 years old. Will post the link below to the listing to show the specs.

click here

  KEITH 1955 15:38 18 Apr 2019

As you say it has only just started I need to ask are you ethernet or wi-fi. If you are wi-fi have you used the security number ( not password ) to lock you connection as secure. If you have not then somebody could be using your hub/router without you knowing. Do you have an games such as the team fortress or warframe. a lot of games have a built in latency checker and if the figures suddenly alter it could be a sign that somebody has hacked your connection. If that's the case and the authorities knock on your door ( it does happen ) you will have a hard time proving that it was not you ( via your set up ) that was doing some illegal.

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