Pc games

  iqs 16:55 10 Nov 2011

Hi, I have about 50 pc games which I no longer play,I now have a 360, I know places like ga e don't buy pc games,except for eBay ,can you suggest where I can sell them in bulk if possible,I'm not looking for much. Thanks

  iqs 15:47 11 Nov 2011

Hi, I have many different types of games from COD MW2 ,Prince of Persia,GRID,Resident Evil 5,Batman ,Half Life the list go's on.

I will try and post the complete list tomorrow (sat) Thanks

  iqs 15:48 11 Nov 2011

ps, price ,not sure.I will post the complete list,and see what the forum members recommend.


  polish 20:20 11 Nov 2011

http://www.musicmagpie.co.uk/ i have never used them might be worth a try

  iqs 09:37 12 Nov 2011

Here go's

Mass Effect chaos Legion Taito Legends 1&2 Lego Indianna Johnes Oblivion Elder Scroll 4 Bioshock fallout gears of war blazing angels 1&2 dead space lemmings space siege prey quantum of solace crysis warhead crysis devil may cry 4 assassins cread hawk grand theft auto 4 prince of persia gtr evolution mega drive collection 1&2&3 unreal tournament tin box rainbow 6 lockdown the godfather farcry frontlines fuel of war another world half life 2 no steam moto gp2 splinter cell pandora stalker sonic mega collection tetris worlds wolfenstein orange box no steam cod2 left 4 dead no steam

battlefield bad company 2 burnout paradise resident evil batman arkham asylum cod world at war grid cod 4 modern warfare

  Menzie 12:17 12 Nov 2011

You can also try CEX on the high street which seems to give the best Trade in prices compared to Game or Gamestation.

Selling on Ebay you'll have to factor the cost of shipping, the Ebay and Paypal fees for the actual sale, the listing price if you add certain things to the listing such as a Buy it Now offer or set a reserve price.

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