Pc crashes/freezes no matter what game i play

  M1racle 18:58 19 Jan 2018

My pc specs are: Nvidia Gforce Gtx 960M 8Gb Ram Intel Core i5-6300HQ CPU 2.30 Ghz 64-bit system

Hey, lately my games have been crashing mid-game and it`s very annoying. The games i play are : World Of Tanks, War Thunder and PUBG, all online games. One time it crashed and told me i had too little ram, but i checked my pc and i was only using around 30-40% of my ram at the time. please help

  wee eddie 22:03 19 Jan 2018

While there could be many reasons, the most common is dust blocking the airflow on the Club's heat exchanger

  wee eddie 00:50 20 Jan 2018

Apologies: for Club, please read CPU.

  Menzie 01:52 20 Jan 2018

Run a memory test to make sure the RAM installed hasn't developed a fault.

When it crashes are you getting a blue screen? If so what is the error?

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