PC crashes new to PC gaming need help!

  rustymorris24 11:24 20 Feb 2018

I play games like PUBG and Ark and I am constantly having crashes this is my PC specs can anyone tell me why and if so what I can improve to make my PC run smoothly

Intel i7 6700 3.4GHz ASUS/Gigabyte (Intel Z170 Chipset) 16GB DDR4 2666MHz Digital storm performance series Power Supply-750 EVGA/Corsair GeForce GTX 1070 8GB (ASUS Turbo)

  VinnyPeg 13:01 20 Feb 2018

Does it crashes only during gaming phase? Download Aida and check current temps. Might be overheat.

  MJS WARLORD 12:03 26 Feb 2018

The most common things to cause crashes are , overheating caused by fans pulling in dust , you can get cans of air called air dusters from maplins , DONT turn pc on and DONT turn air can sideways or the propellant will squirt out.

The other thing that can cause crashes is having all of a games settings too high. Start the game with every effect on the lowest possible setting and increase the individual effects gradually to see if you can pin point the culprit. Contrary to what some players say , you cant always see a visual difference when you knock down some settings slightly , if this suggestion works just except the fact that you cant run everything on maximum.

I have a gtx 1080 that can handle anything but their will be some players who do have a card as good as your 1070 so just tweak the settings .

NOTE ... don't use the gforce experience program it is rubbish it sets a game up how IT thinks you want it.

uninstall it if you use it and remove the entry from start up menu . download g card updates manually and at install choose custom and untick the gforce experience or you will end up with it again .

hope you found my long posting useful.

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