pc build-Boots for one second then shut down HELP!

  Antoine Harvey 17:24 17 Aug 2018

Im assembling this new pc It has -Gtx 1080 -psu- corsair tx650m -i7700k -mobo- gygabite z370 -watercooler corsair h100i


1)When i attempt to boot it up, the pump fan and rgb lighting lights up for approximately a second then shuts down.

2)If i disconnect the cpu and attempt to boot it, like before everything opens up for BUT FOR 2 seconds then the ram lighting opens up for 2 second as well. Then everything shut down again. 4 seconds total.

  wee eddie 18:10 17 Aug 2018

POST Beeps?

  wee eddie 20:01 17 Aug 2018

To me, it sounds like an underperforming Power Supply

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