PC Advisor XBox Live community?? Anyone?

  donki 15:10 13 Jan 2010

Dont think that this has been mentioned before but do many people play online on this forum?

Was on other forums and they have quite an online gaming community, I know the gaming forum can be quiet but I thought I'd put the feelers out. An online league of Fifa10 could be good craic. Anyone who fancies it, or any other game post your intrest. Only got my Xbox at Xmas so I am a bit of a no mates at the minute.

  wolfie3000 19:18 13 Jan 2010

Its a good idea but unfortunately i only play pc online games like Halo and Perfect world.

  Forum Editor 23:25 13 Jan 2010

and I hope you get a positive response.

  Rigga 23:34 13 Jan 2010

CoD4 on PC for me.
Usually on the "Double Dutch Clan" server.

  Awshum 12:54 14 Jan 2010

PS3 online.

Would have happily joined in, but not paying for xbl gold.

  monkeyboy21 16:37 14 Jan 2010

PS3 Online as well

monkeyboygamer normally COD MW2

  Matt Egan 08:47 15 Jan 2010

I really hope it catches on. Do keep us posted.

Forgive my innocence (I'm a Windows gamer I'm afraid), but does PS3 Online allow for similar groups?

Matt Egan
PC Advisor

  donki 10:05 15 Jan 2010

Hmmm maybe not the uptake required so far I am a 1 man group :(, I am destined to be alone. I will keep it unresolved and we might get a few at some stage. I also game on Windows (COD's last 2, Company of Heros and a few others).


I cant comment on PS3 as I have never played it online. The 360's Xbox Live is brilliant, yes you have to pay a fee but IMO its worth it. Its the one thing id say it has over PC gaming, it is much easier to stay in contact, meet new gamers and arrange games.

The banter you can have ove the headsets when a few people are playing Fifa is mighty.

  Hercule Marple 10:44 15 Jan 2010

I've never actually played any 360 games online. Had the console for nearly two years now. I've still got a month's Gold Live to use up. I don't actually have many games for it.


GTA Episodes
Forza 2
Conan (No online!)
Pacman CE
Marble Blast Ultra

Must give a it a go sometime. Nothing to lose.

  Awshum 12:23 15 Jan 2010

it offers all the same as 360 but free ie. Chat, friends lists, messaging, ingame invites, game launching via ps home. Just doesn't have all the bright colours, lag or whingeing kids the 360 has.

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