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  Vespuccio 18:38 04 Nov 2008

Dear fellow PcAdvisor readers....
My son was keen to register one of the PCAdvisor games on the dvd.
Having had a browser freeze when obtaining a reg code for Around the world ....
I realised after a second attempt that I had purchased two codes .
Simple I thought I'll get a refund for the unused code.
Well No actually it's not simple, in fact its more or less impossible

The reply from seven screen support is as follows

the easiest way would be that you look for another game of your interest and I can give you the registration code for this game instead. Just have a look at click here For a refund I need your bank account information with the international IBAN and BIC-/SWIFT-Code. In both cases I need either your Click and Buy reference number (CRN) or all available information from Adyen to check on both purchases. Kind regards, Yours Support-Team

So do they think i am going to give my credit card details to someone in ?holland in an unencrypted email ???? (My bank said that it would probably be in breach of the terms of using the card if I did so !)
I dont think this is going to happen !! and as for the IBAN number
this appears irrelevant to a credit card transaction- they are just making difficulties.

With my experience so far I strongly doubt whether the '14 day money back gaurentee' stated in the PCadvisor DVD games section is at all possible.

So my advice - steer clear of this company.

If anyone forom the PCAdvisor webteam would like to comment I would be grateful.

Regards Pete

  Pine Man 19:07 04 Nov 2008

'I realised after a second attempt that I had purchased two codes'

How did you pay for them?

If by credit card surely that card, for which they have the details, can now be credited with the refund?

  Vespuccio 20:00 04 Nov 2008

I certainly thought that would be the case but
There appears to be a third party payment system called ADYEN between the company and the buyer.(they say that I would have to get all the adyen details of the transaction (How??))
There is nowhere on the adyen site to contact them and the FAQ'a are really for sellers.

Like you say they must be able to refund

I have given them both codes and my name ,which was all the registration required, they must know that only one is registered so a refund looked easy however they have put up a wall of difficulty to stop that happenening.

I suppose its a case of 'buyer beware'

  Forum Editor 23:51 04 Nov 2008

did you not receive a confirmation email from the payment processing company, or see an on-screen confirmation with a reference number?

I can understand your frustration, but with respect it's hardly a justification for advising other people to "steer clear of this company". It was after all you who bought the two codes in the first place, and I'm sure that you'll get your refund, once you can provide the payment processor's reference.

In the meantime I'm passing details of your complaint to our DVD editor.

  RickyC :-) 10:07 05 Nov 2008

Sorry to learn that you've struggled to obtain a refund for this double transaction. On the previous occasion that another PC Advisor reader mistakenly went through the credit card payment process twice, that reader contacted me directly and I was able to ensure the card was credited within a few days.

I'm absolutely certain this will be the case for you. I have sent you an email, please respond directly with details concerning the date of the transactions, total amount taken from your card and include any order number, product details that may be relevant. I will then contact the games developer and ensure that your other transaction is refunded.

Could I also take this opportunity to reassure PC Advisor readers and site users that if difficulties arise with payments for anything related to the magazine or site, if you contact someone here directly it will usually help to expedite a solution to any errors.

kind regards

Software Editor

  Vespuccio 19:29 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for the replies.
In answer to the forum editors post.
When you pay for the registration you only put in your credit card details –nothing else. Then a confirmation screen comes up. However when I accepted this the next screen stated ‘transaction failed’ believing I’d put my card number in wrong I tried to go back BUT I could not go back as there was not an option.

I opened another tab and tried again,– Lo and Behold success I got a reg code .But that was all .They never asked for email and there was no transaction number- just the code.

When I flicked back to the first tab a new page had loaded with a new reg code. Clearly it had worked and I’d paid twice.

I contacted the company via their online support and was told that I would have to supply my Bank Account details and all the information I could from Adyen the third party company dealing with the transaction. (doesn’t this seem odd ?)

In fact it appeared that they were being obstructive to the repayment , the adyen site has no contact for buyers only sellers and I could not imagine that they would supply a casual enquirer with any information about their account dealings.

I asked my banks advice who said they were aware of adyen but could not see why Bank Account details were needed and that this seemed ‘ highly irregular’ furthermore that I should proceed with caution as the means of sending this information was via an Http: page which is how the support page works ( not Https)
It was at this point that I posted on the forum. There seemed a weight of evidence that people and yourself should beware ,perhaps it should have been a bit less confrontational but the intent was genuine.
After a second email to them the it has now transpired that the repayment to my card via adyen would cost the company more than the game, this was never stated in the original reply. Suddenly the request makes sense .(I am still not happy about sending banking details in the way they requested)

Any way it was then that Richard contacted me offering to take up this issue and hopefully the resolve the problem. I have left it with him with all the details I can give basically time date and reg code.
Thanks Pete

  PA28 13:36 14 Nov 2008

Great fun - but I can't find an uninstall routine for these games from the disk. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

  harps1h 23:23 14 Nov 2008

you don't seem to have mentioned how you are certain you have paid twice. did you recieve confirmation from your bank as to whether two transactions had been called for? the message on the screen is not final proof of payment. if it failed your balance may show it as "pending" for several days as the transaction may have been queried but not paid.

  Vespuccio 19:26 15 Nov 2008

I have definitely received two activation codes on screen but one definitely stated initially that the transaction had failed.What I am guessing is that the first attemt failed but 'it'(presumably the company software) retried and succeeded.In the mean time I tried again.... (see saga above LOL) later Sevenscreens confirmed that two transactions took place.

As for an uninstall they should be in add/remove progs lara jones and the others were on my xp machine.

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